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Birds have different varieties of shapes, colors, and personalities. Finding the right one is essential to having a good relationship with your pet. Some require a lot of attention and work, especially larger parrots, but even the little ones need a lot of love and attention to be happy.

Many are attracted to parrots such as amazons, grays, cockatoos, and macaques, as they are majestic and trainable.

Ashes and Amazons are famous for their ability to speak. However, these trainable birds are also the most demanding as pets. If you are interested in a parrot, it’s imperative to examine your motivation for getting one, along with your ability to put in the hard work required to live with these demanding animals for a long time (most live long).

That said, birds have the potential to make excellent companions. As with any animal, try to find out as much as possible about those under consideration before making a big effort. Beginners who don’t have much time to spend with a pet bird should consider species such as canaries or finches. Those who have a little more time and are interested in parrots might pick up some parakeets or cockatiels, which are the smallest members of the parrot family and are friendly, relatively quiet, and easy to train (look for a young bird).

Other members of the parrot family that beginners might consider include lovebirds, Pionus, poicephalus, budgies, monk parakeets, and gray cheeks. And while doves and pigeons are often not regarded as pets, they make excellent companions as they are quiet and sociable.

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