Blue Cane Corso | Genetics, Price, Breeders… (With Pictures)

The Blue Cane Corso is a large dog with well-developed muscles. The blue Cane Corso is just a gray Corso with a different name, but most often Cane Corsos are black.

Gray representatives of this breed are not uncommon. The tone can be different – from lead to light blue, some breeders breed asphalt or slate gray offspring. The coat looks lightened black.

cane corso blue eyes
cane corso blue eyes

The Genetics Behind The Blue Cane Corso

The gray color is essentially a diluted black determined by the presence of a recessive dd homozygote in combination with B- and K- alleles.
The genetic formula of the color can be written as: Ay-B-ddEm-K-

The presence of a pair of dd alleles in a genotype dilutes not only the color of the hair from black to gray, but also always obligatorily the pigmentation of the lips, of the nose and eyelids – which also take on shades of gray, more or less intense.

All puppies that are born from mates between two gray dogs are therefore homozygous recessive dd. Consequently, it is certain that from two gray dogs only puppies with accepted colors of the diluted type can be born (gray, gray brindle, fawn with gray mask) but puppies with unwanted colors and not accepted in the standard can also be born – isabella, gray and tan, gray tan with stripes.

The manifestation of a particular color in the offspring depends on which of the gene variants on other locus (except D) the pups will have from the combination of the alleles of the parents.

– By coupling Ay-B-ddEm-Kk (gray) X Ay-B-ddEm-KK (gray)

we obtain:
Ay-B-ddEm-KK (gray)
Ay-B-ddEm-Kk (gray)

– While coupling Ay- B-ddEm-Kkbr (gray) X Ay-B-ddEm-Kkbr (gray)

we obtain: Ay-B-ddEm-KK (gray)
Ay-B-ddEm-Kkbr (gray)
Ay-B-ddEm-kbrkbr (gray brindle)

Blue Cane Corso
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What are the Blue Cane Corso Shades? | What Makes a Blue Cane Corso?

Cane Corso gray can be of various shades – from blue to wet asphalt. In the latter case, this color is called clarified black.

In rare cases, the blue Cane Corso has a light nose, but the eyes are always light. In Cane Corso formentino, puppies are born blue, but with age they become fawn, but the mask remains gray or blue.

What is the average size & Weight of a Cane Corso?


Blue Cane Corso

  • Female: Between 22 and 24 inches
  • Male: Between 24 and 26 inches

Blue Cane Corso Weight

  • Female: Between 100 and 112 pounds
  • Male: Between 110 and 125 pounds

Blue Cane Corso Temperament and Personality Traits | Is This Dog Right For Your Family?

Blue Cane Corso
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The Blue Cane Corso has a benevolent, balanced character. A dog will never show aggression towards a stranger if it sees a friendly relationship between it and the owner. Any threatening gesture or hostility is the signal to attack for the Cane Corso. This point must be taken into account by people who first find themselves in the company of the Cane Corso and its owner.

Another feature of Cane Corso’s character is that such a pet quickly converges with all family members. It’s not jealous and calm. It is no coincidence that the dog has earned the name of the family dog. At the same time, the Cane Corso can have only one owner.

Parting with people who are always nearby, the Cane Corso is hard to bear. This is not a pet that you can sell in a year or delegate the care of it to someone else. Therefore, the acquisition of a Cane Corso must be approached responsibly and with a perspective for the future.

Cane Corso Lifespan & Health: How Long Do Cane Corsos Live?

Average life expectancy

The life of a Cane Corso lasts an average of 10 years.


Like numerous other large dogs, the adult yard dog is both a sturdy and a delicate dog. Furthermore, its thin undercoat does not provide it with sufficient protection against certain extreme climates.

Withstand the heat

This dog can suffer from extreme heat but adequate hydration allows it to stay in shape.

Withstand the cold

This dog can stand the cold but its light undercoat does not allow it to withstand too cold temperatures.

Tendency to gain weight

If fed with a quality diet, without snacks between meals and regular exercise, there is no danger of this dog becoming obese. Remember that the dog will need to be fed enough!

Frequent illnesses

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Stomach dilation/torsion syndrome
  • Epilepsy
  • Joint problems

Blue Cane Corso Grooming & Maintenance | How often should a Cane Corso be groomed?

Blue Cane Corso
Image By@_blue_canecorso_

Grooming and care of the blue Cane Corso

The care of the coat is very easy thanks to its short hair, the Cane Corso will not be a dog to be groomed regularly. Simple weekly brushing is enough to maintain the brightness and beauty of its coat. its ears and eyes will also need to be cleaned regularly.

Loss of hair

This Cane Corso loses little hair, except during the annual and spring molting periods.

Nutrition of the Cane Corso

A diet, dry or raw, adapted to the age, weight, and physical activity of the dog must be proposed. Considering its large size, two meals a day should be preferred so as not to eat it in excessive quantities at one time. Also, opt for tall bowls to promote better digestion.

How Much Does a Blue Cane Corso Cost?

Blue Cane Corso
Image By@_blue_canecorso_

A Blue Cane Corso puppy has an average tag price of $1300-$2800. Some Breeders could even offer Blue Cane Corso puppies for $4000 or even higher.

The price would depend on many factors, such as the puppy’s lineage, parents, health, and the breeder’s reputation.

Aside from the puppy price, it would be best to consider the expenses that would come with it. For instance, you may want to get the essential things for your puppy like grooming tools, food, and shelter.

Are Blue Cane Corsos Rare?

The grey color in Cane Corsos is caused by a recessive mutation in the melanophilin gene, this diluted black is considered a rare color.

What is a Good Name for a Cane Corso?

If you’re looking for names for your new Blue Cane Corso, this roundup is a great place to start.

  1. Ash or Ashley: The charcoal remains of a fire
  2. Brand: A mark or to burn in insignia
  3. Cinder: Residue of combustion
  4. Coal: Glowing, burned, or charred wood
  5. Coke: Used to distill metal oxides into metals. Cokie is a cute name for a gray female dog.
  6. Dove: Pale shade of gray.
  7. Dusky: Shadowy.
  8. Ember: Glowing combustible.
  9. Fade: To lose brightness or vividness, Kanye West tune.
  10. Foggy: Vague, bewildered, misty
  11. Fuzzy: Hazy, blurry, or furry
  12. Gandalf: For much of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the wizard is known as Gandalf the Grey
  13. Grigio: Italian for “gray.”
  14. Gris: French for “gray.”
  15. Grizzly: Silvery.
  16. Haiiro: Japanese pronunciation of “gray.”
  17. Haze or Hazel: Mist
  18. Luster: Gentle sheen or soft glow.
  19. Murk: Dimly lit, heavily clouded.
  20. Myst: Ancient spelling of mist
  21. Slate: Gray shale.
  22. Smazy: Foggy.

Blue Cane Corso Puppies For Sale?


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Does The Cane Corso’s Color Affect Its Health?

A study conducted a few years ago concluded that brindle Cane Corsos live longer than solid colored ones. Black brindle Cane Corsos live the longest, averaging over 10 years, whereas the black and gray rarely live beyond nine years of age.

What Is The Rarest Cane Corso Color?

rarest Cane Corso Color is either chocolate, liver, Isabella, or straw, all of which rely on regressive genes and, therefore, occur less frequently.

Is a Cane Corso like a pitbull?

It’s apparent that the Cane Corso and the American Pit Bull Terrier are quite similar, but The Corso is a physically larger dog than the Pit Bull, but they are both equally devoted and eager to please and yet strong-willed and headstrong.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to adopt a Cane Corso, you must be aware that it will be a great responsibility because you will have to constantly educate and take care of it as well as dedicate a lot of time to it (it can withstand the most difficult weather conditions but not loneliness!).

However, the satisfaction will be great, because it will know how to reciprocate you with love and protection for a lifetime.


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