The Most Big White Fluffy dogs | Color Features, Popular Breeds (with pictures)

White dogs have a special charm. They attract a lot of attention, radiating purity and all the charm of light colors. Many people dream of having such a beautiful pet. Before buying a white puppy, you need to understand all its features, as well as find out which breeds are distinguished by a snow-white woolen coat.

Understanding The White Color Genetics

White dogs are popular with many people. Pets of this color are rarely ignored by others. They attract rapturous looks, especially if they look well-groomed and neat.

It’s believed that dogs with a completely white coat can serve as the basis for a number of breeds or different breed variations. All individuals with such a coat color have a different genotypic basis.

Albinism is not uncommon in mammals . This phenotype is completely devoid of pigment and not only on the hair, but also on the skin, claws and even the iris of the eyes. Albinos are usually born with red eyes. Natural white dogs, whom eye colors are naturally dark, are not considered albinos.

big fluffy white dogs

The very first assumption about the origin of the white dog color is that this one was the result of the activity of the gene for extreme spotting. There is also a version that is a described color of the coat is due to the actions of the chinchilla gene, which contributes to the complete elimination of the yellow pigment on the hair, but does not affect the shade of the iris. As a result of the influence of this gene, snow-white puppies with dark eyes appear.

Pigments in pigment granules are only black or yellow. The synthesis of the first pigment is prohibited by two genes – Ay and e. As a result of this process, the first steps to the appearance of a white color of the dog’s coat take place.

To obtain this color accurately, another important gene is needed, which would also destroy the yellow pigment. This gene is called cch. It is this gene that does not allow the synthesis of yellow pigment to take place.

big fluffy white dogs

The cch gene does not always destroy the yellow pigment efficiently. Under its influence, animals can have different colors not just a snow-white color. We are talking about beautiful golden retrievers with an unobtrusive light cream coat color. For this reason, additional selection is necessary in order to remove all residues of yellow pigment and obtain pure white individuals at the “output”.

Complete lightening and neutralization of the yellow pigment can be dependent on special rufus polygenes. Snow-white specimens of this type may differ if they produce specimens with a cream body, especially along the line of the spine, or come from pale cream breeders.

White color is also given by the so-called gene M (marbled color) in a state of homozygote. Areas with dyed hair on the head may come across, but they will be small.

Overview of large and medium white Breeds

The attractive white coat color is typical for dogs of different breeds. Let’s take a closer look at some of the large and medium-sized breeds that have such a spectacular color.

The Akbash

big fluffy white dogs

The breed of Turkish origin has existed for over 3000 years. From the very beginning, these four-legged animals were bred exclusively at home, but recently breeders from all over the world have become actively interested in these dogs.

These dogs are very fond of suburban life. In confined and cramped spaces, they feel uncomfortable and can even get sick. This beautiful white fluffy big guy likes active and mobile games in the open air.

The Akbash is a big fan of running and jumping. Aggression in the behavior of such dogs is not observed. They have a positive attitude towards children.

When communicating with the younger members of the family, the Akbash tries to behave carefully. The dog always feels the responsibility that is entrusted to It. These snow-white beauties are not very friendly to strangers. They always examine guests with the utmost care and vigilance.

The coat of these dogs is long and looks truly luxurious. They need to be combed out periodically – about once a week. It’s necessary to bathe them as needed to obtain the beautiful white coat.

The Dogo Argentino

big fluffy white dogs

The only dog ​​breed that was bred in Argentina. The blood of a bulldog, Spanish mastiff, Irish wolfhound and other similar individuals runs through the veins of its representatives. At the heart of the species is the fighting dog of Cordoba, distinguished by incomparable willpower, excellent physical characteristics, dedication and fearlessness.

The Dogo Argentino will obey exclusively its master, who must have leadership qualities . The instinct to defend their territory in these dogs is well developed. They make good hunters. The snow-white Dogo Argentino loves to spend time actively, playing and running.

The cover of these pets is characterized by an impressive molt. To reduce the amount of hair on the floor of the house, you need to brush it daily. For care, use special silicone brushes or metal combs.

The White Swiss Shepherd

big fluffy white dogs

This breed has nothing to do with Switzerland, despite the name. This species was bred in Canada and the USA.

The White Swiss Shepherd is a strong dog of medium size. It has a profile of elegance and harmony and develops impressive musculature. The body ends in a bushy tail which is set low. This breed has a head proportional to its size. It’s powerful with a slightly rounded head. We notice the slightly marked stop of the animal as well as its muzzle neither too big nor too small.

Its eyes are very expressive and display a dark brown color that contrasts with the color of the dress. Its ears are triangular, carried high and a little rounded on the tips. The coat can be long or mid-length. The standard does not admit curly hairs, only wavy hairs. As the name already suggests, the dress is immaculate.

The purebred Swiss Shepherd is a responsible and reliable animal that always tries to adapt to its owner. The animal will do its best to live up to its master’s expectations. Shepherd dogs can master new commands in a short time,they are able to perform many difficult tricks. Their character is calm, peaceful and affectionate. Swiss Shepherd Dogs are child friendly.

The Bull terrier

big fluffy white dogs

The external and physical data of bull terriers are excellent. This breed was bred using Dalmatians, English Bulldogs and Terriers. By crossing these species, it was possible to obtain a strong and intelligent animal.

Bull Terriers are energetic and have a good-natured character. They are affectionate to the family, especially to its younger members. The Bull Terrier needs to stay active by playing games and activities. Owners should pay a lot of attention to these dogs. The snow-white bull terrier can’t bear loneliness.

The snow-white color of the coat is the “winning card” for the breed. Individuals with colored spots on their heads are admitted to exhibitions. The coat is short and does not protect the pet from cold or precipitation.

The Samoyed dog

big fluffy white dogs

It’s a powerful, large, fluffy animal with a kind smile. The ancient northern tribes were engaged in breeding this breed.

The Samoyed dog, plush in appearance, often accompanies travelers and explorers who study the Arctic and the Arctic Circle. The woolen cover of these beauties is dense and solid, perfectly retains heat, It allows the dog to live peacefully in low temperatures.

The Samoyed white dog needs activity. Without it, the animal begins to behave aggressively and irritably. Samoyeds are very stubborn. They need close interaction with the owner and a lot of communication. They treat children positively, as well as all members of their family.

The Pyrenean mastiff

big fluffy white dogs

Representatives of this breed have ancient roots. They were originally kept as livestock guards.

The Pyrenean Mastiff is a huge snow-white dog with a kind and friendly character. It will guard Its territory quietly, without unnecessary noise. The mastiff will not bark for no reason. These individuals are infinitely loyal to their masters. They can take care of younger family members and even other pets.

The Hokkaido

big fluffy white dogs

Medium-sized representatives of this breed have many other names. The main purpose of Hokkaido is hunting. These are very brave and fearless animals that can fight larger animals like bears.

Hokkaido’s are very hardy dogs. They are not suitable for home maintenance – they need space and freedom. Experts advise keeping such a pet in an aviary in the yard. A Hokkaido has a double coat, so these dogs can easily endure the cold.

The Hungarian kuvasz

big fluffy white dogs

These are very beautiful and noble pets with snow-white hair. They are not suitable for keeping in a cramped city apartment. The ideal conditions for Hungarian kuvasz are a country house and long walks.

According to the standards, the coat color of these dogs can be:

  • Ivory;
  • pure white.

The luxurious coat of a Hungarian kuvasz is molted during summer and spring. To keep the coat smooth and well-groomed, It will need regular haircuts, bath procedures and combing.

South Russian Shepherd

big fluffy white dogs

This is a serious breed that needs a lot of attention. You cannot leave the South Russian Shepherd Dog without proper care, training, and education.

The appearance of these fluffy snow-white shepherds seems harmless and benevolent, but in fact, they are strong-willed and powerful animals, which should only be kept by trained breeders. Novice dog lovers should not come across this breed.

South Russian Shepherd Dogs choose their own owner, which affects the process of their training. The dog will respect all family members, but obey – only one person. Guests are treated well only if they are well known and accustomed to the dog. They don’t always get along with other animals.

The Hungarian shepherd

big fluffy white dogs

Outwardly, this unusual pet looks like a huge lamb. Hungarian Shepherd puppies are born with a soft and silky coat. With the passage of time and as they grow up, the hair becomes curly and tough, It twists into all kinds of bundles.

Behind the unusual appearance of this pet lies a very independent breed with a high level of intelligence. Hungarian Shepherd Dogs were bred to guard sheep, which affected their character and qualities in general. These pets keep everything under control. Nothing escapes their watchful gaze.

Varieties of small white purebred dogs

The snow-white coat is typical for dogs not only of medium or large but also miniature sizes. here are several breeds of small dogs that have a similar feature.

The Bichon Frize

Bichon Frise

This is the name of a well-known breed of French blood whose representatives look like small plush toys. They are characterized by a charming curly coat, which makes the pets even more cute and charming.

Bichon Frize demonstrate independence in everything. They are very smart and trainable without any problems. This dog should not be left alone for a long time. The Bichon Frize requires a lot of attention, so this breed is not suitable for busy people.

Despite their diminutive size, Bichon Frize are brave animals that can stand up for themselves and for their master.

The Bolognese

big fluffy white dogs

They are cute, sociable, and friendly dogs, ideal for indoor keeping. Bolognese love playing with children. They are active and fun.

The snow-white fur of these dogs is shaggy. It needs proper care. The owners will need to regularly and carefully comb the curls so that they do not get tangled.

The West Highland white terrier

big fluffy white dogs

Active representatives of this breed are distinguished by their small size and snow-white woolen cover. They communicate well with children and even share their toys with them. Terriers love their family very much and remain loyal to it throughout their lives.

These small pets can defend their master when needed. But terriers should not be left without training because of their increased energy and activity.

The coat of these dogs must be looked after. You will need to contact a specialist who will professionally conduct grooming. At home, frequent combing and periodic bathing are required.

The Volpino italiano

big fluffy white dogs

Representatives of this aristocratic breed have a charming and elegant appearance. They are ideal for keeping in a standard city apartment. Volpino Italiano can easily become loyal companions for both adults and young family members.

Volpino Italiano are distinguished by their high endurance. They are able to take part in various sports competitions. Excessive aggression in the behavior of these pets is usually not observed.

The Maltese


These adorable pets look more like light clouds of silky white hair. You will fall in love with them at first sight. The coat of the Maltese lapdog is characterized by tenderness and luxurious appearance. The beauty of the coat has to be monitored since it gets dirty unexpectedly quickly and can even roll if you do not provide the pet with proper care.

Regular walks are not required for the Maltese lapdog. It may well use up the accumulated energy at home during various games or running around the apartment.

The Poodle

big fluffy white dogs

This well-known family dog is divided into 3 main types. Their main difference is in size. Dwarf, mini and standard poodle.

Small poodles with a snow-white coat need occasional well-done haircuts. You can’t do without special care products sold in pet stores and veterinary pharmacies.

Representatives of this breed are distinguished by their sharp minds and energy. Little poodles easily and quickly understand what the owner wants from them. They master new commands seamlessly and can even perform complex circus tricks.

For a small apartment, this breed is ideal. Fluffy white poodles are characterized by a kind and cheerful disposition. They are loyal to their masters. They can exercise their activity at home, without going outside.

The American Eskimo dog

big fluffy white dogs

These are small “toy” sized pets that need frequent active play. You can’t do without regular classes and long walks. If you neglect these points, the pet can behave in disobedient and aggressive. During the hot season, the American Eskimo dog should not be left without plenty of freshwater. The pet must be provided with a shaded area. Otherwise, the dog may get overheated, because it has a dense coat.

American Eskimo dogs are prone to strong shedding. They need to be thoroughly combed weekly and cleaned from dirt in time. It’s especially important to keep an eye on the fur around the ears.

The Pomeranian

big fluffy white dogs

Representatives of this breed, with a snow-white coat, look very cute. They are characterized by sharp ears and a slightly flattened muzzle. These pets have a dense undercoat, so the falling hair almost does not adhere to their skin. Seasonal molting is not typical for Pomeranians, which pleases their owners.

The Pomeranians have a playful and cheerful disposition. They are active and good-natured, they easily learn new things. Teams learn quickly. The Pomeranian is suitable for families with small children. Dogs of this breed get along well with younger family members and can become wonderful companions in active children’s games. They do not show aggression and do not behave viciously.

Although the coat of the Pomeranian Spitz looks very thick and dense, it does not form tangles, so frequent combing is not required here. Usually, such a dog should be brushed no more than a couple of times a week. Often bathing an orange is also not necessary – this can lead to drying out of the dog’s skin. Shampoos should be used only lightly.

White Dogs Grooming Tips

big fluffy white dogs

When keeping a white dog, you should take into account the peculiarities of caring for its coat.

The most problematic areas are the paws, belly, eyes, and muzzle. These areas get dirty faster than others. Today on sale you can find separate lines of cosmetics for the care of different types of hair, white, and just light hair. In addition to special deep cleaning shampoos, special bleaching compounds are also used.

Hair with a fine structure is more vulnerable and quickly rolls into tangles. You can fight them with balms after washing, fluids for combing mats, sprays, and conditioners. Daily brushing is desirable.

Pink smudges around the eyes and brown marks around the mouth can be removed with special bleaching products. They easily remove such deposits from the coat. The funds are completely safe for the animal, but they must be used constantly in order to achieve the desired effect.

Hygiene after eating and drinking is important. Dry the animal’s face with a dry towel. It is necessary to process the “lacrimal paths” on the fur under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose at least 2 times a day.

Allergies are immediately visible on white hair, so you need to be careful with new drugs and shampoos. It is advisable to first consult with your veterinarian on this matter.

The correct diet for the quality of white hair is also important. Yellowness can appear if the food is high in protein or contains a lot of copper. It is also best to discuss the diet of white dogs with your veterinarian if you are worried about ruining their coat color.

Dogs’ hair should be brushed periodically, especially if it is long. Bathing procedures are also important because white hair gets dirty much faster. You don’t need to bathe your pet too often – it can harm its health. It is better to resort to removing contaminants as needed. Shampoos should only be gentle or special for white coats.


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