How long can a turtle be out of water?

When we adopt exotic reptiles as pets, we are faced with innumerable unknowns that are difficult to answer. In addition, any mistake when caring for and maintaining our pets can lead to a health problem for which we would be directly responsible.

Are you worried about how long your freshwater turtle can stay out of it? We give you some keys that will help you better understand the way your pet lives.

how long a turtle can stay out of water

In reality, there is no time limit that a freshwater turtle can spend on land. Turtles, like us, can breathe normally when they are on dry land and can remain in this environment without having any discomfort.

The limit is actually the level of dryness that your turtle can withstand. Turtles need to feel constantly wet; Therefore, if yours stays out of the water for a long time, you can help it feel good by moistening it with water in some way: with a spray, an eyedropper … In one way or another, your turtle will decide when it wants to be out of the water and when it prefers to swim.

land and water turtle: animals outside their habitat

Knowing how long a water turtle can be out of the water is important, but it is just one of the many issues you must face when having an exotic animal at home.

Keep in mind that these pets come from a very different environment than ours. Therefore, use your curiosity and all the information you can find to discover the natural habits of your turtle, as well as its most basic needs and the conditions in which it will feel most comfortable.

Turtles give you the advantages of enjoying a pet without having excessive control over them and also give an exotic touch to your home, without leaving anyone indifferent. Having an animal at home always gives a plus of well-being and happiness to your home in addition to being able to enjoy their company and help you improve your responsibility.

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