Can Turtles Eat Strawberries? Good or Harmful

Can turtles eat strawberries? They love strawberries !! In fact, you can feed your turtle most berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, and a variety of tropical fruits such as guava, banana, and papaya.

They also love various types of melons, such as honeydew, melon, and watermelon, as well as apples and pears.

Identify the specie of your turtle

Most turtles can be fed fruit and vegetables; however, if you have just bought your turtle and are unsure of what type and gender it’s, pay a visit to the vet and find out which foods are best suited for your specific type of turtle. Due to the large variety of turtle species, it can be difficult for you to recognize the species on your own.

Which vegetables are the best?

Among vegetables, aquatic turtles or box turtles love and can be fed pieces of pumpkin, grated carrots, cooked wheat, and many other varieties. Almost all types of turtles can eat green leafy vegetables including cabbage, romaine lettuce, mustard, kale, watercress, dandelion, and parsley.

Add the aquatic plants

Adding aquatic plants to your turtle’s tank will help you find out which plants It likes to eat. In general, turtles like to eat floating plants, such as Azolla, duckweed, and frog-bit. They also sometimes like to eat Anacharis, which is a submerged plant.

It’s possible to plant the ones that your turtle loves so that they continue to grow and function as a continuous food supply for your pet.

Live animals as food

Along with fruit and vegetables, turtles also love to eat live animals, such as snails, fish, insects, and grubs. If your turtle lives in a pond, some of these can occur naturally and the aquatic turtle can then try them.

You can also add some species to its meals for experimentation. If you are wondering where you could get them, you will be happy to know that they are sold in many aquarium stores. Try feeding it with earthworms, crickets, beetles, goldfish, rosy goldfish or guppies, or any other type of inexpensive small fish.

All turtle species probably won’t love them, but if you have an aquatic turtle, chances are they’ll love all of these foods and even the little frogs.

A separate food container

It would be a good idea to use a separate container for your turtle’s food. Leave it in a tub half full of hot water for about half an hour. You can add strawberries to the tub, along with any other fruit or vegetable. Your pet will probably make a mess.

Warm water will also help the turtle defecate. You can then put it back in the tub which will remain clean. If you feed It into Its tub, the water will get dirty very quickly. You still have time to do this, but you need to make sure you have a strong filtration system running.

The best way to feed turtles

An aquatic turtle often eats food while in the water. This is because, in order to ingest food, it must be immersed in water. You can put the food on a dry surface of its tray; however, it’s likely that It will drag it into the water before eating it.

It would be wise to be present while the turtle eats so that you can remove any food that has not been eaten after a few minutes. If you are feeding the turtle with live aquatic animals, you can leave them in the water. Any live insects that are not eaten after a few minutes should be saved for the next meal.

Is your turtle shy?

If you have just bought your turtle and it’s not eating while you are watching it, it’s probably because it’s going through an adaptation phase. In this situation, it would be best to leave It alone during meals until It gets used to your presence.

How often do turtles need to be fed?

If you have a baby turtle, you should offer It food every day. As for adult turtles, most species may need to be fed two or three times a week. You could offer It food daily if you wish, but as turtles rarely eat much, you don’t risk much.

To return to the original question, can turtles eat strawberries, the answer is, of course, ‘yes’. You can add strawberries to your turtle’s diet as a treat, as well as other components that can form a balanced and healthy diet for your turtle. Remember that a healthy diet as well as a clean environment will lead to a long and healthy life for your turtle.

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