How Long Does a Dumbo Rat Live? & How To Prolong Its Life

Dumbo rats appeared only 30 years ago – they are smart animals with a docile nature. Unfortunately, they do not live long, but the owners are able to add a couple of years to the pet with the help of proper care.

We will learn how you can increase the lifespan of a dumbo rat, and what rules for keeping a rodent must be adhered to.

Life Expectancy Of Dumbo Rat 

The first representatives of this species appeared in human housing in the 90s in the United States. The artificially bred breed quickly conquered the hearts of people and spread throughout the planet. Rats with the same large ears live in nature, but significant differences do not allow them to be classified as one species.

Gullible dumbo rats quickly get used to a new place and rush out of the cage when they hear their name. The loyalty of these pets is boundless, they get so used to the owner that moving to another family hurts them. Dumbo can become sad and sick from worries.

Young rat pups are very active. They are constantly on the move, love to play and indulge. Adult dumbo eventually become respectable, they prefer to lie on the shoulder or knees of the owner. Cleanliness is in the blood of rats from birth. Pets constantly clean their coat and even relieve themselves in a special tray.

Dumbo rats live on average 2-3 years. But optimism is inspired by the fact that the lifespan of cute animals directly depends on the conditions of detention. If the owner properly equips the cage and makes a balanced diet, then the baby will be able to live for 4–5 years.

Character traits

Young rat pups adopt from their parents the peculiarities of species behavior and some character traits:

  • quick wits;
  • cleanliness;
  • ability to train;
  • physical activity.

But in general, the character of the pet is formed when communicating with the owner. Dumbo rats will be able to shine with their intelligence and ingenuity only with regular training. Care and affection pave the way for the baby’s heart, make him completely tame.

What Affects Life Expectancy Of Dumbo Rats

How Long Does a Dumbo Rat Live? & How To Prolong Its Life

Dumbo rats are unpretentious, so they managed to adapt to living conditions in many countries. At minimal cost, the owners get a cute pet with a docile character and outstanding intelligence.

Conditions of detention

Rats feel great in small cages (23x15x23Inches) with metal rods. The cage must contain:

  • deep plastic tray;
  • solid bottom;
  • wide doors;
  • shelves;
  • ladders;
  • ropes.

The Dumbo family is very friendly, so several rodents can easily fit into the cage. Together they feel completely comfortable: cleaning and brushing the fur.

A small house inside the cage will add comfort to dumbo rats. Toddlers love to retire and take a nap in silence. Adult pets will appreciate the warm hammock, they will be happy to spend their leisure time there.

Wood or corn filler will help eliminate the specific smell from the rat family. Sometimes the owners try to spread napkins or toilet paper to the bottom, but this option is not suitable for rats. Systematic cleaning will also help keep the cage clean. Twice a week, it is necessary to remove the remains of feed, used filler, change the water in the drinker, and disinfect.

Interesting! These rodents are very clean. Rats relieve themselves in a strictly defined corner of the cage. Breeders advise placing the tray there so that the rats will immediately guess its purpose.

Dumbo rats at home should live in a warm room, free from drafts and moisture. Rats are very sensitive to harsh sounds, blinding light, and overheating. They get tired of the intrusive attention of people.

The diet

Dumbo rats, unlike rodents that live in the wild, are very sensitive to the consumption of low-quality food. Improper nutrition can easily provoke gastrointestinal disorders and allergies, so the owners will have to compose a diet according to certain rules.

The rat’s menu must include:

  1. ”Grain.” The staple of daily nutrition. The seeds of pumpkin, flax, sunflower are added to wheat.
  2.  ”Proteins.” Chicken fillet, boiled sea, or river fish.
  3. “Foods with an increased amount of calcium.” Low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt.
  4. “Vegetables, fruits.” Apples, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin.
  5.  ”Greens.” Parsley, dill, dandelion leaves, wheat germ.

It is strictly forbidden to give dumbo rats fatty and fried food from the master’s table, alcohol, sausage, sprouted potatoes, green bananas. The quality of the feed should not be in doubt, otherwise, the pet will be unwell.

How Long Does a Dumbo Rat Live? & How To Prolong Its Life

Important! Improper nutrition causes malfunctions in the body and shortens the life of the rodent. For example, teeth that are too long indicate a lack of solid foods in the diet.

Young rats are fed 3-4 times a day. For adult pets, two meals a day are enough. It is important to remove uneaten food leftovers so that the rodent does not eat the spoiled pieces.


Dumbo rats are really clean. They clean their fur and wash themselves, so they do not have to bathe often. Water treatments will be required if the pet is heavily smeared. Rats, unlike other pets, love to swim. They can splash in warm water for a long time.

Bathing is carried out with special shampoos in a warm room without drafts. It is necessary to ensure that water does not enter the pet’s ears, which is fraught with hearing loss. After bathing, the rat is wrapped in a warm towel and dried well. If the room is cold, it is better to dry the fur with a warm stream from a hairdryer.

One of the dangers of swimming is hypothermia. A frozen rat can easily catch a cold. Therefore, in the cold season, the doors and windows in the room are tightly closed, and a heater is placed near the cage.


The care and maintenance of dumbo rats is not only food and a cozy home, but why not some kind of gym. In the absence of the owner, the animals entertain themselves by climbing ropes and rope ladders, passing through tunnels. Some craftsmen make pet toys on their own.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of a Dumbo Rat

Adorable rats are very sociable. They are ready to play outdoor games with the owner for a long time. Pets easily master the jump over the barrier, bring small objects, and look for tidbits. Training gives them real pleasure.

Loneliness has a detrimental effect on the baby. Therefore, busy owners should seriously consider acquiring a friend. The main thing is to buy a same-sex pet, otherwise, instead of a couple of rat pups, a whole brood will soon live in the cage. The age of the newly acquired rodent should not exceed six months, because adults get used to life in a new family worse.

Timely treatment

Dumbo rats are susceptible to many diseases that only a veterinarian can diagnose. Moreover, some of them are dangerous to humans. For example, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, parasitic infections.

The causes of illness and shortening of life are mainly due to improper feeding and hypothermia. A rodent can catch an infection from its owner, so during an illness, you should not come close to the cage unnecessarily.

The following signs will help to suspect a pet’s malaise:

  • lethargy;
  • refusal to eat;
  • dull coat;
  • baldness;
  • discharge from the nose, ears;
  • diarrhea;
  • breathing disorder.

The sick animal takes unnatural postures, shows aggressiveness and anxiety. Even one of these signs should prompt the owner to see a veterinarian.

Dumbo rats immediately attract attention. The adorable appearance together with the docile nature makes the rodent an ideal pet. But the owners will have to take care not only of proper nutrition and living conditions of the rat. Communication is an important element of a fulfilling existence. If the owner cannot pay enough attention to the pet, then you should think about expanding the rat family.

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