My Rabbit Gnaws on cables? Here’s how to make it stop

Just a moment of distraction to allow your rabbit to do damage and gnaw on some electrical cables. Securing all the threads in the house is essential, and is one of the first things to do when adopting a bunny. Let’s find out how to hide and protect each cable so that we can relax when our little friend is roaming free.

The insulating material surrounding the electrical wires is soft, so the rabbit’s teeth are able to tear it apart; if the rabbit’s mouth comes into contact with the inside of a cord, the bunny will get a shock that could even be fatal.

Small spaces behind the TV and stereo furniture can be particularly dangerous: rabbits are nimble and curious animals, and they could sneak into them without anyone noticing.

Training rabbits not to gnaw on threads can be difficult as their instincts often prevail, making them quite disobedient; also, our constant snapping and screaming “NO!” could be stressful for both you and them.

The only way to eliminate the root problem is to make all room “rabbit proof” by securing all electrical wires. Just move some furniture or buy special plastic cable covers.

In this article, you will also find useful tips for protecting the back of your TV and tips for educating your little friend so that It can relax when It jumps around the room.

How to organize the house to protect the electrical wires 

The first thing you can do to stop your bunny from gnawing on the cables is to move the various furniture a bit to prevent access to certain areas. By changing the position of the furniture you can already significantly reduce the risk that the rabbit will be able to access areas that are forbidden to It.

It’s good to connect lamps and other devices to the nearest and most hidden sockets, in order to reduce the risks. Make sure the furniture is close enough to the walls to prevent the rabbit from crawling behind you and getting to the power outlets. Also, remember that rabbits love to climb: make sure they can’t access the electrical wires by jumping on some furniture.

Get in the habit of charging mobile devices out of the rabbit’s reach, such as on a high kitchen counter.

My Rabbit Gnaws on cables

Prevent the rabbit from accessing behind the TV 

Rabbits love to explore every corner of the house and yelling “NO!” every time they try to enter a forbidden zone won’t make them give up. The space behind the TV is an example. The ideal would be to block access to these areas permanently, in order to avoid any danger.

You can place the television and any device connected to it on a special cabinet; the ideal would be a cabinet with glass doors: in this way you can use the remote control commands without ever opening the doors.

Place the furniture in front of a wall with a power socket, so that the cable is as close as possible to the wall. On the sides of this cabinet, you could place two more pieces of furniture or bulky objects, so that the rabbit cannot access the TV cables.

Alternatively, you could use two modular fence grids, one on each side. Avoid using cardboard: the rabbit will be intrigued and munch on it.

If your rabbit is unable to resign Itself and continually tries to enter the forbidden area, try to distract It with toys suitable for it: a tunnel, a tent, or a cardboard castle will do just fine.

Protect the wires with cable covers

Sometimes it’s impossible to organize all the wires in the house so that they are protected by the various pieces of furniture. There is an inexpensive and effective solution to this problem: plastic cable covers.

They can be found in DIY stores, and there are several types: flexible and grooved ones are the best, as they are strong but can also be placed in corners.

Just cut the cable cover and insert the wires. To increase safety, you can put electrical tape on the ends. That way, even if the rabbit does manage to get behind furniture, it won’t be able to gnaw on the cables.

Protect the wires with rigid cable covers

Hard plastic cable covers are perfect if you are looking for permanent protection. These cable covers are very resistant and can be fixed to the walls, above the skirting boards. In this way, the rabbit will not have access to the different electrical wires, and you can easily run them around the room.

These products are fairly inexpensive, found in many DIY stores, and are easy to install. They are usually sold together with corners and joints so that professional results can be achieved.

Be sure to position the cable covers well so that the only exposed part is out of reach of the rabbit.

My Rabbit Gnaws on cables

Protect areas with electric wires using the components of the animal enclosures

Securing your entire home and keeping any cables out of your rabbit’s reach can be difficult; using animal enclosures can be a good way to create barriers inside the house, in order to divide the areas to which the bunny can access from those to which It’s denied access.

Animal enclosures are often modular: you just need to divide the various pieces and assemble them in such a way as to adapt them to your spaces.

If you have a room with electrical devices and want to be able to access it without problems, you can consider installing a gate for dogs or children. In this way, you will have a practical and permanent solution and in case of need, you can leave it open.

Toys to entertain the rabbit and distract him from cables

As we said, rabbits have the natural instinct that leads them to gnaw on everything around them, and they are always looking for new objects to ” taste “; electric cables are particularly attractive to them. This habit of theirs can be hard to break, and no “NO!” it will stop them permanently.

One of the best ways to distract the bunny from your precious house threads is to get It some special toys to chew on.

There are a number of rabbit toys on the market, such as wicker balls or willow twigs for gnawing. These products indulge the rabbit’s instinct, allowing it to chew safely and thus maintain the ideal length of the teeth.

If you are a DIY lover, you can make toys at home. You will need a few commonly used items. Try to switch between toys often, so your bunny doesn’t get bored and doesn’t go looking for new items to nibble on.

Use bitter sprays or other deterrents

Bitter sprays can make electrical wires less appealing to your rabbit. This, however, is not a permanent solution and it will not solve the problem: your bunny will not give up. It is better to resort to other solutions.

Do not apply the spray directly on the strands: spray it on a cloth and then wipe it on the affected area. You will have to repeat the operation regularly, as the effect of the spray will wear off after some time.

Make sure you always use products designed specifically for rabbits; avoid using other products that you have at home, such as pepper oil or perfume: they would certainly be harmful to your little friend, so absolutely avoid.


Training and educating the rabbit can be a challenge. First, you have to catch it in the act, while it’s making some disaster; otherwise, it will not be useful to scold it.

Secondly, you will have to commit yourself and use the right manners. You must never yell at your bunny, let alone hit or scare it; you will not get any positive results: you will only risk making it shy, fearful, and aggressive towards you.

Also, you will not correct its bad habits. The best way to make the rabbit understand that it’s wrong is to call it by name and follow with a well-marked “NO”. If that doesn’t work either, you can try using a water vaporizer: when your little friend is gnawing on something, spray some cool water in Its direction.

Why do rabbits eat cables?

Rabbits have very sharp teeth as they naturally chew on roots and shoots that grow in their burrows and paths. They do this to keep their burrows tidy, to forage for food, and to maintain the ideal length of their teeth which otherwise would grow continuously throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, electrical cables are similar in size to roots, and are often found on the sides and corners of the house, in the most hidden places: all tight places where rabbits, by nature, like to roam. For this reason, their instinct, when they come across a thread, is to gnaw it immediately.

List of things to do:

  • Organize your home in such a way as to hide the power sockets and the various electrical cables, so as not to endanger the life of your little friend
  • Block access to the area behind the TV and stereo
  • Protect exposed cables with fences or plastic cable covers
  • Always place connected mobile devices in places out of reach of your rabbit

What to do for the safety of the rabbit:

  • Never allow your bunny to enter areas with exposed wires within reach
  • Keep batteries out of its reach
  • Also keep objects that heat up, such as light bulbs or curling irons, out of reach.

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