Can rabbits eat garlic? Good or Harmful

Garlic has been used around the world for thousands of years as a medicine. Current studies have confirmed that garlic has numerous antioxidants that kill bacteria and free radicals in the blood, protecting and strengthening the immune system.

Some might say that garlic is bad for the rabbit, which is true when given in large doses due to its toxicity, just as most bulbs are, but in small doses, garlic can only benefit the rabbit.

Medicinal properties

Although garlic was traditionally used by humans in both cooking and medicine for its antibacterial properties, it can also be used with the same benefits on rabbits. Among the various medicinal properties garlic can:

  • decrease the cholesterol level in rabbits in diets with a high-fat content
  • help the skin eliminate toxins
  • relax the stomach and reduce aerophagia in the digestive tract
  • be beneficial for its anti-fungal properties and for its ability to fight free radicals in the body
  • help the respiratory system by removing excess mucus

Garlic is a bulb

When prescribing a rabbit diet, bulbs, tubers, and seeds are not recommended, categories to which onion, garlic, peas, lentils, potatoes, etc. belong. Many experts suggest avoiding this type of vegetables as they are toxic and rich in starch.

Garlic and onion are similar and onion is known to have an immunosuppressive effect in rabbits. This is a good reason not to include them in the rabbit’s diet.

Although the rabbit might like garlic, the safest choice is not to feed it to the rabbit, except for medical reasons, under the supervision of the veterinarian.

This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case of any kind of discomfort.

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