Can rabbits eat eggplant? Good or Harmful

Although in botany it is considered a fruit, eggplant is commonly considered a vegetable. It is a very popular ingredient in many cuisines. Since it is very popular, let’s find out if our rabbits can eat it too.

Given the wide range of choices available in the kitchen today, feeding your rabbit properly can be risky if you are unaware of what is good for you and what can be harmful. So let’s find out if the aubergine can be good for our little friends or not.

about the eggplant? 

Belonging to the Solanaceae family, similar to potatoes and tomatoes, eggplant can be of different types: ivory, dark purple, thin, etc. Contains some acids, low sugar and low fiber, phosphorus, and some vitamins.

Is eggplant toxic to rabbits?

The reason why there are often conflicting opinions regarding the toxicity of eggplant to pets is the alkaloid plants from which it is derived.

Some people may experience problems after eating them. As a result, an animal may also be ill; this however depends on how the organism reacts to the food.

Eggplants, containing the toxin solanine, are widely used, and most organisms do not have any problems eating them. Generally, rabbits can eat them, but in moderation. However, they cannot eat the leaves and the top, as they are much more toxic than the fruit itself.

Other considerations

If you want to give your rabbit eggplant, start with small bites and check that the little one reacts well: make sure there are no problems before adding it regularly to its diet.

If taken in large quantities, eggplant can cause inflammation: make sure your bunny does not exhibit such problems.

If you want to introduce eggplants into your little friend’s diet, remember to start with small doses, checking as the rabbit is well and that there are no signs of discomfort. If the bunny reacts well and presents no problems, the food can be introduced into the diet; the eggplant, however, should not be given more than two or three times a week, and should always be combined with foods rich in fiber.

If you are cooking eggplants and want to give some to your bunny, make sure you have thrown away the top: it is much more harmful than the eggplant itself, so it is essential that your little friend stay away from it.

This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case It has any kind of discomfort.

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