Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli? Good or Harmful

We know that rabbits love vegetables, but that doesn’t mean they can eat them all.
If you have ever thought about giving your rabbit a few mouthfuls of broccoli, you are not the only one.

Before we do that, let’s see if the rabbit can actually eat this vegetable.

Can they eat broccoli?

The answer is simple and immediate: yes, they can! Rabbits are herbivores, and they love vegetables.
Additionally, they need a high-fiber diet to ensure the proper functioning of their digestive system.

The rabbit’s diet should consist of at least 15% fiber. A mouthful of broccoli, raw or cooked, is a good source.

A low-fiber diet compromises the rabbit’s intestinal regularity, increasing the risk of disease.

Your bunny should get all the nutrients it needs through hay and special feed, however, it is a good idea to vary its diet from day to day. Below you will find some tips for introducing broccoli into your little one’s diet.

For those who have recently owned a rabbit, it is good to remember that you must always gradually introduce each new food into their diet: new foods must be administered in small doses, and you must check for any allergies or problems with the digestive system.

In this article, we will see how to add this excellent vegetable to their diet.

As we have already said, the answer is yes: they can! Although the rabbit’s diet is mainly based on hay and complementary feed, fresh vegetables should also be included in their diet.

Hay and feed are a source of vitamins D and A, proteins, and calcium, while fresh foods add flavor and nutrients to the rabbit.

Think about it: would you like to eat the same foods every day? Of course not, and not even your rabbit!

Is broccoli good for rabbits?

Just because rabbits can eat broccoli doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a healthy food for them; fortunately, however, in this case, the answer is always “yes”.

When offering broccoli to your rabbit, keep an eye on it for signs of discomfort – this vegetable can promote gas formation.

Gas is not a particularly serious problem, however, if your rabbit is suffering from it, it is best to avoid offering it broccoli.

It is important to remember that rabbits have a very delicate digestive system: for this reason, it is good to introduce new foods in small doses. A tablespoon of vegetables for the first week is a reasonable amount. If your little one does not show any signs of discomfort, the doses can be gradually increased.

Since we want to provide our little friend with the best food, it’s good to ask yourself this question. We all love our animals, and therefore we want the best for them: to make them happy and keep them healthy.

Broccoli, if administered in moderation, can be included in the diet of our bunnies.

Remember, however, that broccoli is not a substitute for green leafy vegetables because of its high sugar content.

Do rabbits like the taste of broccoli? 

Again, the answer is “yes”! After all, we too love to eat only what we like, don’t we? Just like humans, rabbits also have different tastes; if your rabbit doesn’t seem to like broccoli, chances are it doesn’t find them tasty: better change vegetables.

However, most rabbits like them.

Can they eat broccoli stems?

Stems can also be given to our bunnies; however, the same goes for the stems: they can favor the formation of gas. So keep your rabbit monitored.

If, after eating broccoli, your rabbit has diarrhea, its digestive system is sending you a loud and clear message: no more broccoli!

Raw broccoli or cooked broccoli?

They can eat them both!
Raw foods usually contain more nutrients than cooked foods.

In the case of this vegetable, however, the USDA confirms that 100 grams of raw broccoli contain 2.6 grams of fiber, while 100 grams of cooked broccoli contains 3.3 grams.

The results are surprising, but the difference is not particularly marked.

Remember to always wash raw vegetables, even organic ones and those you have in the garden.

Can rabbits eat the broccoli plant? 

If you find broccoli plants in the wild, you will probably also find several wild bunnies nearby – they love to eat them!

Can they eat every part of it? Technically yes; however, we have already talked about the possible formation of gas, so it is better to proceed with caution.

If given in moderation, however, broccoli can be added to our little friend’s diet. Once the rabbit gets used to broccoli, you can offer it one tablespoon a day for every pound of body weight.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the title of the article, therefore, is yes. Rabbits tend to love this vegetable.

The cruciferous vegetables add flavor and crunch to the meal of your bunnies. However, remember to gradually introduce this food into their diet, as it promotes the formation of gas in the intestine.

Pay attention to the different symptoms that the rabbit may present: when in pain, rabbits tend to curl up and press their stomachs to the floor; also, you may hear sounds coming from their bellies. If the belly feels swollen and a little hard to the touch, it is better to abolish broccoli from the diet of your little friends.

Making changes to your bunny’s diet could be risky in some ways, so consult your veterinarian before introducing new foods; should the rabbit show some of the symptoms mentioned above, remember to have it examined.

And now? Will you also try to give your bunny a taste of broccoli? Or have you already done so? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case It has any kind of discomfort

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