Simple Trick to Detect Ticks on Dogs Proves Invaluable This Season

As devoted pet owners, we’re always on the lookout for tips and tricks to simplify our lives, and, crucially, enhance the lives of our pets too! Thanks to a savvy TikToker, we’ve recently learned a novel method for tackling ticks just in time for the summer.

This Newfoundland dog mom has come up with a smart technique to get rid of loose ticks from her dog using a lint roller. Let me assure you, it’s a revolutionary approach during tick season, and it’s easy to see why this method might become a part of your regular routine! Take a look at the video shared by @mybrownnewfies below.


@My Brown Newfies last year I shared that, along with other tick prevention methods, I use a lint roller on my dogs after a walk to check for ticks and it’s still something I do regularly during tick season. This isn’t for ticks that have already attached to a dog’s skin, it’s for ticks that just recently hitched a ride and are on top of the dog’s hair. Ticks don’t attach to a dog or human right away. They travel on the body for an hour or 2 until they find a good spot to bite and feed. It’s not 100% effective, but it’s an added precaution that only takes me a few extra minutes. #tickseason #tickprevention #doghacks #newfoundlanddog #dogtipoftheday

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As demonstrated in the video, this trick offers a straightforward and efficient method for removing ticks. This innovative dog mom utilizes a lint roller to check for ticks post-walk, primarily targeting any ticks that have recently latched onto their dog’s fur.

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While it’s crucial to bear in mind that this method may not guarantee 100% efficacy, it nonetheless remains a worthwhile addition to your tick prevention arsenal. Every extra measure we can employ to maintain the safety of our pets and keep them tick-free is worth exploring.

We owe a huge thank you to this Newfie mom for disseminating this useful information and aiding us all in safeguarding our cherished pets. She’s demonstrated that often the simplest solutions can yield significant results.

To all the pet owners out there, myself included, let’s adopt this lint roller technique and safeguard our furry friends from these elusive ticks.

Easy Hack for Checking Dogs for Ticks

Importantly, as she highlights, this method is not for ticks already embedded in the skin but for those freely wandering on the dog’s coat.

This technique demands only a minor investment of time yet yields significant peace of mind, particularly during tick season when our primary goal is to shield our furry companions from these irritating parasites.


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