Bulldog’s Adorable Method to Persuade Mom for a Cuddle is Just Too Sweet to Ignore!

Some dog breeds might look all tough and hardy, but we all know they’re just big softies at heart. Whether it’s Dobermans or German Shepherds, these breeds can look pretty imposing, but they’re marshmallows inside.

Like, we recently stumbled upon this English Bulldog who sometimes just needs a good snuggle with his mom when he’s feeling a bit blue. Check out this super cute video from @fionalawrie7 to see this big baby adorably beg his mom for some comforting cuddles.

Bulldog's Precious Way of Getting Mom to Give Him a Cuddle Is Priceless

The video kicks off, and you can see Sonny really craving some company and affection. His dog sibling, Biggie, was out like a light, and Sonny didn’t fancy feeling lonely. So what does he do? He heads straight to his human mom for some much-needed snuggles!

The way Sonny approaches his mom is just too cute for words. He whimpers gently to her, letting her know he wants some love and closeness. It’s as if he knows that his mom is the go-to person for cuddle sessions. How sweet is that?

Bulldog's Precious Way of Getting Mom to Give Him a Cuddle Is Priceless

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And the cherry on top? How Sonny’s mom reacts. She sweetly gets down to his level, meeting him with empathy and warmth. She knows just a little bit more affection is all Sonny needs to feel all cozy and cheerful. You can even see the joy radiating from Sonny as he soaks up the love and attention he’s been craving.

Folks in the comments were quick to fall for Sonny’s sweet innocence and longing for his momma. “I’d cuddle him all day,” penned @mrandmrsdachshund, while @mr_bruno_the_saint was like, “That sound just made my heart skip a beat! What a loving boy.”

It’s moments like these that remind us of the amazing emotional smarts and sensitivity our canine pals have. Sonny knows just how to get his feelings across, whether it’s through gentle requests or a few soft whimpers.


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