Aaron Judge’s Adorable Little Dachshund Pup Becomes the Star Attraction at Yankee Stadium!

Sports are awesome in so many ways. Sure, there’s the thrill of watching a game, but it’s also pretty cool to see athletes being regular folks off the field or court, showing love for their pets just like the rest of us.

The New York Yankees’ social media team recently dropped a video on TikTok of one of their star players, Aaron Judge, having a blast on the baseball field with a little buddy.

And nope, it wasn’t one of his teammates—it was his super cute Dachshund puppy, Gus! This little furball quickly became everyone’s favorite, both at the stadium and for those watching from home.

Oh boy, this little guy is having the time of his life! With all that green space to roam and his dad right there with him on the field, Gus is living the dream. As Paul O’Neill, the color commentator, put it during the broadcast, “Some dogs are just luckier than others.”

Gus isn’t the only Dachshund in the Judge family, though. His older sister, Penny, was actually a major player in convincing Judge to re-sign with the Yankees this past off-season.

Aaron Judge's Tiny Dachshund Puppy Steals the Show

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Judge’s teammate, Anthony Rizzo, who’s also a proud dog dad to a Dachshund named Kevin, sent Judge snaps of their two dogs hanging out together. Rizzo pointed out that if Judge skipped town for another team, he’d be breaking up their awesome doggie pair. That, according to Judge, was the nudge he needed to stick around. Now, Gus is turning that duo into a terrific trio!

Folks in the comments totally dug this playful side of Judge, who’s usually all business on the baseball field. One TikTok user, @kim___labz, was like, “Judge trotting while Gus is running full speed with his little legs is so cute.”

And some, like @sarahibarra98, couldn’t get enough of the hilarious size difference between Judge, who towers over most people at 6 feet 7 inches, and little Gus. She was like, “LOL, of course the tallest guy has the smallest dog! I’m here for it!”

Gus is just the best addition to the New York Yankees, and we reckon he’d make an excellent pinch runner. Someone in Yankees management needs to get Gus inked to a contract, stat!


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