A Hilarious Cat ‘Taunts’ Birds Outside Is Simply Unbeatable

You gotta love cats and their cute and quirky behaviors, right? And you know how they sometimes “trash talk” to birds outside, kinda like that bold kitty in the viral video that’s been doing rounds.

So, this TikTok user, @winstonandspooky, posted a hilarious video of their black cat, aptly named Spooky. Now, Spooky is an indoor cat, but that doesn’t stop him from chattering away and mouthing off to the birds outside. It’s just the cutest thing ever, and you definitely gotta check it out!

LOL, this is just hilarious! Spooky sure talks a good game, huh? Too bad he can’t actually go toe-to-toe with those birds – all squawk, no action!

See, cats are born hunters, right? They might not always snag a bird, but boy, do they enjoy giving them a piece of their mind! It’s a fun brain game for them, keeps them entertained, and satisfies their natural hunting instincts.

Plus, it keeps them lively, even when they’re indoors. And, let’s be real, as their human pals, we can’t get enough of their funny chittering noises and dramatic body language!

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As cat parents themselves, people in the comments can totally relate, and TikTok user @arregui2 was more than happy to call her feline friend out. “One time a bird got stuck on our patio which is partially covered by mesh and I’ve never seen our smack-talking cat more terrified in her life,” she said.

'Talking Smack'

Another person, @lindakae, explained how her cat is now reaping what he sowed. “The birds recently started squaking back and he runs away scared, as if he didn’t start this war,” this user commented.

The bold way that cats chatter and mock birds outside is a testament to their playful nature and hunting instincts. This funny behavior provides entertainment and enrichment not only for the cats, but for us, their spectators, as well!


  • Amanda Wheatley

    Passionate about animals, Amanda draws her expertise from her training as an educator, pet behaviorist as well as her extensive experience with animal owners. A specialist in dog and cat behavior, Amanda continues to learn about our four-legged companions by studying veterinary reference books but also university research sites (UCD, Utrecht, Cambridge, Cornell, etc..)