8 Things You Need To Know About The Jack Russell Corgi Mix

Cross Breeding provides fertile ground for experimentation. Few of the breeders-cynologists work in this direction, and the appearance of unusual puppies with mixed genes most often occurs due to the independent uncontrolled mating of two thoroughbred animals.

It’s interesting to observe the result and compare the quality characteristics of the offspring.

A cross between a Welsh Corgi and a Jack Russell Terrier is a typical case when dogs of the same size, weight, and temperament are crossed. Both breeds are distinguished by activity, good health, and a genetic predisposition to communicate with humans.

This is where the similarities end because it is almost impossible to guess what kind of offspring they will bring together.

Jack Russell Corgi Mix: A designer dog breed

The Jack Russell and Welsh Corgi mix will never become widespread and will not take a place in the list of officially registered dog breeds. The parenting skills of these animals differ significantly.

  • The Jack Russell Terrier breed was bred for burrow hunting.
  • The Welsh Corgi became famous due to the shepherd qualities for which it was selected.

Different tasks have influenced the temperament and behavior of cross-bred dogs, making mixed offspring less predictable. In some cases, the features of a tireless messenger for foxes, badgers, and hares predominate, while in others the desire to protect the herd comes to the fore.

A real Welsh Corgi always remains a shepherd, even if only for its human family.

The common traits that the crossbreed received from their parents are expressed in activity, indefatigability, and a developed sense of responsibility.

 interesting! “Mixed marriages” in dogs are called designer because of the ability to combine certain features of parental breeds in puppies. The global trend traditionally pays attention to external factors, focuses on a cute face and a fluffy coat, and not on the ability to get water rats and graze sheep.


What did Jack Russell Corgi Mix Inherit from their parents

Observations of the few offspring, which were obtained as a result of the breed mixture of Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell, allow us to draw conclusions about the habits and skills inherited from such a crossbreed.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack russell terrier

All representatives of the terrier group have good health and immunity to various diseases. And hunting skills and incredible activity only enhance the natural effect.

Brawlers and bullies with torn ears and scars on their faces are common, but the adage “heals like a dog” is best applied to terriers. So from Jack Russell, the Mix will get excellent health.

A negative trait is stubbornness. All hunting dog breeds suffer from it, especially when the energy does not get an outlet in doing what you love. A cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Welsh Corgi inherits this disadvantage.

Welsh Corgi

Corgi profile

In terms of herding qualities, the Mix takes all the best that the Welsh Corgi is rich in. It is 8 centuries older than the Jack Russell Terrier, and the genotype successfully dominates when mixed with foreign blood. The positive qualities of the breed include:

  • good learning ability;
  • sociability and quick socialization of the dog;
  • gentleness and complaisance of character (subject to the correct content);
  • unpretentiousness and ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

Negative inherited baggage is expressed in resentment and a desire to dominate. If the owner devotes enough time to theis mix and allows the accumulated energy to be thrown out, this minus disappears, and the dog recognizes the owner as of the “leader of the pack”.

Important! The Welsh Corgi  Jack Russell Mix breeds combine parental traits that were programmed by nature into a common cocktail, and then everything depends on upbringing and human participation.

Characteristics and appearance of  Corgi Jack russell Mix


The Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier breeds have a number of similar traits that are reflected in mixed offspring:

  1. Height – 8-11 Inches.
  2. Weight – 13-25 pounds.
  3. The body is elongated, compact.
  4. The coat is coarse, short, or semi-long.
  5. The color of the mestizo is able to take on any parental color (areas of white and red wool are often present).
  6. Ears with rounded tips, large, erect or set apart (sometimes lowered forward).
  7. The muzzle is elongated, with a characteristic steep “crease” of the bridge of the nose.

The external set of parenting properties for mestizo Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell may vary due to differences in constitution and breed standards. Professional dog handlers generally do not recommend mating Welsh Corgi with terriers – offspring unpredictably inherited qualities and positive traits are not passed on to future generations.

 interesting! For the first time, the Welsh Corgi was crossed with another breed (dachshund) at the court of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Mestizos were very elongated in length, but differed in erect ears and a color characteristic of the Welsh Corgi.

Habits and temperament of The Corgi Jack Russell Mix

If the appearance of mixed breed puppies is like playing roulette, then their habits are more predictable. Here, the descriptions of the two parent breeds are similar.

  1. Striving for an active lifestyle, unwillingness to sit still. The metis of the indefatigable Jack Russell Terrier and the nimble Welsh Corgi is ready to run and play for hours and expects the same from the owner. At a young age, this quality can be a serious problem and will require a lot of time for the puppy.
  2. A high degree of learning inherited from the Welsh Corgi. The dog picks up new commands on the fly. It is enough to repeat the exercise 2-3 times so that she will remember it for a long time.
  3. The hunter’s intuition and the desire to chase anyone. This is in the genes of Jack Russell, who cannot imagine life without persecution and loud barking.
  4. The desire to dominate is average. If the owner manages to win the dog’s authority and respect, it will recognize its superiority.
  5. High level of communication and loyalty to family members. The dog communicates easily with people, does not conflict, and does not seek solitude. On the contrary, it can be stubborn, attract attention and take offense when it stays away from the human collective.
  6. Interaction with other pets – neutral or negative. A mixture of Jack Russell and Welsh Corgi will accept the company of other dogs, but will not find a common language with cats. The reason is that the terrier has a habit of hunting in a pack, but he will not accept the close presence of representatives of the feline family. The only exception is friendship from a young age.
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Important! The temper of the Welsh Corgi  Jack Russell Terrier Mix can be called balanced, but obstinate. It will not do anything rashly. And the loud barking inherited from hunting terriers can turn life in a home apartment into a living hell.

Care and Maintenance of A welsh corgi Jack Russell Mix

In terms of everyday worries about the  Corgi  Jack Russell Mix, there are no problems that are inherent in other, pampered breeds. The dog does not require anything outstanding, but only a set of obligatory procedures on duty.

  1. The wool is combed out regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. During the molting period, it falls especially abundantly, which is characteristic of all smooth-haired animals with a hard pile. If the Mix took downy pants from the Welsh Corgi, then you also have to tinker with them.
  2. Weekly cleaning of the auricles with a damp cloth is necessary. To do this, the eyelet is carefully turned out, and all accessible places are cleaned of dirt. If the dog loves to dig the ground and penetrate holes, then the procedure must be performed after each such walk.
  3. Treatment of eyes and nose area – crusts and flaky skin are removed from the surface. If dirt gets in the eye area, suppuration or irritation may occur. To eliminate symptoms, veterinary drugs or a strong infusion of ordinary tea leaves are used.
  4.  Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Mix love to spend time in areas with soft earth cover (forest, field). In this case, the claws do not naturally grind against hard materials. The owner will have to trim them, but this must be done carefully – there are many small blood vessels in the area of ​​the pads and there is a risk of damaging one of them.

The rest of the actions are carried out as needed: regular examination of teeth and gums, water procedures, preventive examinations of the veterinarian.

Important! Outdoor placement is best suited for keeping a half-breed Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell. In a house or apartment, you will have to organize free space for it, otherwise the dog will not be able to throw out natural energy.

Diet for feeding a Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Mix


Both parent breeds of Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell are distinguished by their simplicity in food. Therefore, the menu for mixed offspring does not cause trouble for the owners, and its composition can be formed based on the recommendations of the feed manufacturer by weight and age.

There are some peculiarities of feeding puppies if they were weaned early from their mother or when the pet is on natural food:

  1. At the age of 4 months, the puppy is given food 5-6 times a day.
  2. By 6 months, the number of servings should be increased, and the number of feedings should be reduced to 3-4 times a day.
  3. At 8-9 months, they switch to a full portion for an adult dog and give food 1-2 times a day.

With physical exertion and long walks, the feeding rate is increased by 10-15%.

A natural menu will require taking into account all nutritional components and maintaining a balance of proteins (up to 50%), fats (20%), carbohydrates (30%).

The following products (per day, pound) are laid in the diet of an adult Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Mix:

  • lean meat – 0.3 or offal – 0.6;
  • fish (fresh, fresh frozen) or seafood – 0.1;
  • low-fat cottage cheese – 0.18;
  • cereals or flakes “Hercules” – 0.15;
  • various vegetables and potatoes – 0.3;
  • egg (per week) – 2 pcs;
  • bone meal and feed yeast.

Under the age of one year, Jack Russell and Welsh Corgi mix is additionally offered milk. To strengthen the structure of bones, muscles, and hair, it is recommended to provide for the introduction of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements into the diet.

Important! It should be borne in mind that representatives of the Welsh Corgi breed are prone to overeating and obesity. Therefore, the nutrition of the young Mix is controlled and, if necessary, Its appetite is limited.

 Corgi and Jack Russell Mix health and life expectancy

Metis Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell grow up quickly and easily endure the active period of their lives. Their genes have strong parental immunity, so there are almost no health problems at a young and mature age.

The life span with normal maintenance and feeding is 12-15 years. In the transition to its final third, hereditary defects and diseases often appear:

  • vision problems inherent in Jack Russell;
  • back pain gets a mestizo from a welsh corgi;
  • joint dysplasia is inherited from two parents;
  • skin diseases, allergies;
  • possible hearing loss or complete deafness.

Many problems of the elderly can be avoided by adhering to the recommended feeding regimen and housing conditions.

Physical activity and training

A Corgi  Jack Russell Mix lend themselves well to training. But hunting terriers are characterized by stubbornness and unwillingness to perform any actions that are not related to their main specialty.

There is only one way to negotiate with such animals – to give maximum physical activity in the form of long walks in the forest. However, raising from It a room pug, obediently standing on its hind legs, will still not work.

A cross between a welsh corgi and a Jack Russell is best given to the commands associated with active games: loading, searching, jumping, and chasing. These exercises are close to the main pedigree qualities of the parents and therefore do not cause negative rejection in the dog.

What you need to know when buying a mixed breed Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell puppy

Before choosing a young Corgi Jack Russell Mix puppy from a litter, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The condition of the coat is a universal indicator of health and mood. The fur coat should lie flat, shine and not bristle.
  2. Playfulness. Young Corgi Jack Russell Mixes are always ready to support the fun together. If the puppy is not interested in playing, this is not normal.
  3. Movement. The dog should not limp, carefully step from paw to paw, express other signs of pain.

You can also check your baby’s appetite. Welsh Corgi are distinguished by their enviable gluttony and the desire to eat is constantly present in a healthy puppy. Unless, of course, he is resting after a recently eaten lunch.

Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Mixes are a good choice for active and active people who prefer nature walks or hiking trips. In such circumstances, the Crossbreed will become a loyal companion and a reliable guide. And it’s bored to doze on the couch for days.


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