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Discover all the characteristics of the Horgi dogs, a mix of Husky and Welsh Corgi, and one of the most desired crosses in England.

Do you love huskies but are they too big dogs for you? Find out about the Horgi, a mix of a Welsh Corgi crossed with a Siberian Husky, which is practically the same as a Husky but in miniature.

Its friendly character and its adorable and manageable size make it one of the rarest, but also most desired puppies in the world (especially in England). let us tell you all about them!

Horgi the dog: what is it like?

Lovely. There is no word that better defines this miniature Husky, the result of the crossing with the Welsh Corgi. The result is a small and compact dog.

Its size, in fact, has a lot to do with the birth of this cross, from which dogs full of energy, friendly, and, in general, easy to carry are obtained.

Character of the Horgi

Horgis are loving and protective dogs that love to play and are known for their intelligence.

Generally speaking, they are easy dogs when it comes to training and following orders, as they like to please their human.

Despite their appearance and short legs, they need a lot of stimulation, not only mental but also physical; they are very active dogs.

They love spending time with their human and staying by their side, so they will need some good training to adjust to loneliness – they don’t like it.


Horgi Features

When it comes to physicality, the Horgi is literally a smaller Husky.

They tend to adopt the curly tail that characterizes this breed, but when it comes to size, stature, and their short legs, they are like a Corgi.

We can say that it looks, especially in the face, like a Husky puppy; because this is round, with almond-shaped eyes and erect ears.

1. How much does a Horgi breed dog weigh? 

The weight of a dog of this breed will range between 18 and 44 pounds . This variation will depend on whether the dominant genes are from the Husky or the Corgi.

2. Fur of the Horgi

These adorable little dogs usually have a mixed coat: gray and white with black traces; although there are also examples of the following colors:

  • Cream.
  • Black.
  • Red.
  • Orange.
  • Brown.

Because Huskies were bred as working dogs, their coat is strong, and being double, they are adapted to withstand low temperatures. The Corgi also features a thick, waterproof coat. Hence the Horgi is also.

3. Horgi’s eye color 

The eyes of this cross will generally be brown or blue. As is also the case with Siberian Huskies, specimens can be given with one eye of each color, whose technical name is heterochromia .

4. Life expectancy of the Horgi

The hope of these beautiful little dogs will range between 12 and 15 years.

Horgi dog health

As with practically all dog breeds, there are diseases that are more prone to develop due to genetics.

Some of the most common in the Horgi are:

  • Obesity: Horgis are prone to being overweight, which can lead to a number of other problems. You have to watch their weight because they have a great appetite and they will never say no to a good bite to eat.
  • Back problems and hip dysplasia: this is due to the length of its body accompanied by its short legs. One more reason to watch your diet, since these ailments are more frequent when you are overweight.

 Horgi dog education and care

1. Training for a Horgi dog

These compact little dogs need a lot of physical activity, so it is recommended that your human also has an active life and that he likes to go outside.

Both the Husky and Corgi are characterized by their energy, so the crossing of both breeds will need to be able to vent so as not to be bored or frustrated.

A daily walk of 1 to 2 hours or two shorter walks during the day will suffice. Accompanied, yes, of activity and games also at other times of the day.

If those games or activities are outdoors, all the better. Bottom line: the more a Horgi dog exercises, the happier it will be.

2. Grooming and care for a Horgi

The Horgi molts all year round (refrain from allergies). What does this mean? Better cleaning of the home and, in addition, special care to its coat, among other care that will make this puppy a cared and happy specimen:

  • Daily brushing to control hair loss.
  • One bath a month, which will also help remove loose hair.
  • Check its ears once a week and clean them if necessary.
  • Brush its teeth at least twice a week (although it is always best to do it daily).
  • Don’t forget to cut their nails as soon as they are long
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Origin, history, and curiosities of the breed

  • The Husky and Corgi cross is not recognized by the FCI, although it is very popular.
  • It is said that its fame is due to the fact that, like the Corgi, it is one of the favorite breeds of Queen Isabel II of England.
  • The emergence of this cross occurred mainly because small Huskies were sought. Many followers of this breed wanted to be able to have copies but of a more manageable size.
  • The first crosses date from 1990 in North America. The result was these adorable little dogs that quickly gained worldwide fame.

Horgi dog: price and where to buy one 

A copy of Horgi costs between 600 to 2000 USD,  although there are copies that amount to more than 5000 thousand dollars.

If you have already made the decision, to have a copy of this mixture, be very careful with the advertisements that circulate on the Internet, where it is not always easy to discern who is behind

Ask your trusted specialist or veterinarian in the area where you live before going online; And remember that it is always better to adopt than to go to a hatchery.

Before buying, ADOPT! Shelters are full of dogs waiting for some kind soul to open their home and give them a second chance.

Can the Horgi live with children?

The Horgi is a puppy that is characterized by being friendly and sociable, an easy dog. But before adopting one, especially if there are children at home, there are some factors to take into account.

The Husky is a working dog and the Corgi is used on farms, so it is possible that your cross is an alert, intelligent, and sometimes protective dog.

Therefore, not all dogs of this breed will be suitable when there are young children; they run the risk of seeing them as a toy and not being aware of their character.

Still, each dog is different, and with the necessary socialization and appropriate training, children and dogs can live together in harmony.


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