Can Horses Eat Oranges? Good or Harmful

Yes, horses can eat oranges and they will do it with pleasure! In fact, an orange from time to time can be an excellent source of Vitamin C for a horse’s diet!

Many vets recommend mixing Vitamin C supplements with young foals’ food, but adequate amounts of Vitamin C are healthy and of great use to even larger horses.

Vitamin C acts as a support for collagen synthesis, as well as a natural antihistamine. This means that a horse that gets the right doses of Vitamin C will not only have healthier muscles and joints but will also be less prone to inflammation and infection.

If that weren’t enough, Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, a property that has been linked to reducing the effect of aging in horses (and people too!)

Can horses eat an orange peel?

Yes! Horses are able to eat and digest the peel of oranges without any problems. Some, however, may choose to ignore an orange if it’s to be peeled, because the taste is, in this way, much more bitter than that of the heart of the orange.

If your horse initially refuses to eat an orange, peel it and try again. On the second attempt, the sweet aroma of the fruit will almost certainly be irresistible to the animal!

When preparing oranges for your horse, we advise you to clean them with cold water and then cut them into four parts, which you can feed the animal one at a time, directly from your hand. You can, alternatively, put them in the animal’s food or water bucket, so that It eats them normally along with the rest.

It’s advisable not to overdo it, and to provide the horse with small quantities of oranges: no more than one or two per week. If It eats them too often, the citric acid contained in oranges could upset the balance of your horse’s stomach, so never forget to use moderation!

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