Can horses eat grapes with all their seeds?

Like people, horses truly love to be pampered. Anyone who has a horse knows they can choose from a range of appetizers to offer them, but can grapes be an option?

I often wonder if different flavors can be safe for the horse and, as a responsible horse owner, you will probably wonder too. Grapes are excellent for humans and are also very popular. Can horses enjoy grapes with problems?

Can horses eat grapes with all their seeds?

The good news is that horses love grapes – a great snack to give them. Due to their sweet taste, grapes are very popular with horses, despite the seeds: peaches and cherries can be harmful, but grape seeds are not harmful.

Offer only a small amount daily

Grapes can be given to the horse as a snack, but it’s important to remember that giving too many sweets can be dangerous. Too many treats can ruin the horse’s appetite and desire to eat healthy foods: copious amounts of appetizers are also an additional source of calories that could make the animal gain weight. If the horse is insulin resistant, the risk increases even more.

A portion

How much grapes should you give the horse? For Its health, it is always best to offer It a limited amount daily. An adequate amount could be around 1 pound per day. Equine nutritionists consider ten berries per day to be the ideal amount. If the horse is insulin resistant, the veterinarian should be consulted first.

Always healthy snacks for the horse

Grapes and fruit in general are the best choices when you want to offer a snack to the horse, compared to the options on the market. One should always opt for healthy and fresh produce to use as snacks.

Carry some grapes in your pocket

Since grapes do not cause harm to the horse, if given in adequate quantities, it’s possible to use them during the daily grooming or while spending time with your four-legged friend.

It’s, therefore, possible to use grapes as a reward during horse training, to consolidate the goals achieved and to encourage your horse. Grapes can always be carried in your pocket, being very small and easy to carry.

Frozen grapes

Although humans don’t like it frozen, horses are crazy about crunchy, icy grapes. It’s sufficient to remove the grapes from the branch and place them in a tray placed in the freezer: once frozen, they can be stored in an airtight bag. Obviously, frozen grapes should only be used during summer.

Wash the fruit properly

It’s important to wash the grapes or any other fruit before giving it to the horse, possibly with cold water. In this way, the bacteria or pesticides present on the peel will be removed. They are real health hazards for the horse that could develop potentially dangerous diseases or infections.

Use a variety of snacks

Even if the horse loves grapes and is their favorite snack, it’s always best to avoid the temptation to use them too often. Always look for other healthy fruit or nack that the horse particularly appreciates, possibly low in sugar. This will help the horse stay fit and active, rather than risk gaining weight.

Now you know everything you need to know about the suitability of grapes as a snack for the horse. If anyone was still wondering if it’s possible for horses to eat grapes, the answer is definitely yes!

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