Winter White Dwarf Hamster lifespan & How To Extend It

Peace-loving and funny Dzungarian hamsters have been one of the most popular pets for several decades. The only “but” for them is a short lifespan.

Let us analyze what affects the duration of the century of the winter white dwarf hamsters, and find out how to increase it.

How Long Do Winter White Dwarf Hamsters Live In Nature

These animals are small enough and careful not to be seen by humans. Their body length is about 4 inches. In the wild, small rodents are daily threatened by larger competitors for food and predators.

In nature, Djungarian hamsters are constantly in search of food. They run over 6 miles every day to provide themselves with the necessary amount of food. In the warm season, restless winter white hamsters actively accumulate food supplies for the winter, arrange extensive storage facilities in their burrows.

Experts believe that regular stress, constant stress, every minute expectation of an attack negatively affects the health of hamsters,  and shortens their life. As a rule, the Djungarian hamster lives in freedom for no more than one and a half years.

Some individuals are highly immune and live for 2–2.5 years. Sometimes the age of a hamster can be determined by the number of scars on the body. The life span of animals directly depends on the presence and combination of several factors:

  • the amount of food in the area where the rodents live;
  • the physical condition of hamsters;
  • population density of predators;
  • weather.

Quite often, wild hamsters suffer from hypothermia or injuries. Hamsters become prey for foxes, ermines, owls, or snakes.

Life Expectancy Of Winter White Dwarf Hamsters As a Pet

The lifespan of domestic winter white dwarf hamsters depends entirely on proper care for them, as well as on the innate physical qualities of hamsters.

Each owner should understand that caring for hamsters of this breed involves creating the most comfortable conditions for them:

  • ensuring a proper diet that is close to natural;
  • creating conditions for the physical activity of animals;
  • adherence to the principles of caution and gradualness during the domestication of rodents;
  • regular cleaning in the cage, adherence to hygiene rules;
  • taking into account the influence of factors unfavorable for the health of animals: sudden changes in temperature, drafts, high humidity.

Important! winter white dwarf  hamsters cannot be bathed. Wet animals quickly get supercooled, and this is dangerous for their health.

Winter white dwarf hamsters themselves are very shy, and this is understandable because the desire to escape from predators has long been an innate instinct for them. It persists in hamsters that live at home, despite the protection and patronage of humans.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster lifespan & How To Extend It

Cereals, sunflower seeds, corn cobs, peas, nuts, fresh herbs are perfect for feeding Winter white hamsters. Vegetables that have been thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water should be cut into small slices – they should be present in the hamsters’ diet every day. Several times a week, you can pamper the animals with fresh fruit, but not too sweet. Drinking water needs to be refreshed daily.

Table 1. What can and can not be given to the Winter white hamster

Allowed Prohibited
Apples Onion
Bananas Garlic
Pears Potatoes
Dried apricots Watermelon
Not too dry raisins White cabbage
Thin tree branches (cherry, apple, birch, maple) Citrus

The White winter Hamsters organism is extremely susceptible to chemicals. Therefore, harsh chemicals should not be used for regular cleaning of their cages.

According to statistics, White winter Hamsters can live at home for 3–3.5 years. The body of hamsters is characterized by an accelerated metabolism. This feature, combined with the vulnerability of the digestive system, limits the ability to increase the life span of domestic White winter Hamsters by more than 2–3 years. Rare individuals kept at home lived up to 4 years.

How To Extend The Life Of Winter White Hamster

Winter White Dwarf Hamster lifespan & How To Extend It

If the owner of the hamster takes care of creating good conditions for his ward, the life cycle of the home jungarik will be as long as possible. It is important to take into account the comfort factors that are significant for the animal:

  1.  The most pleasant temperature for White Winter Hamsters is from 68 to 77 ° F.
  2.  There should be no loud music or household appliances near the rodent’s dwelling.
  3. If a hamster hides food, this is normal, that’s how they behave in the wild. You should not reduce the amount of food, throw away the supplies collected by the pet during the cleaning of the cage.
  4.  The cage should be cleaned 2-3 times a week. In this case, the sand in the tank for sand baths must be replaced.

Important! If there is noticeable dirt on the skin of a Winter white hamster, they are carefully removed with a damp cloth, after which the pet’s fur is dried with a towel.

It is important to pay attention to the nature of the animal’s behavior all the time. Winter white hamsters cannot express what doesn’t suits them, but they can show it with the help of a certain state, which looks like a trance. Signs of the onset of the disease are:

  • decreased physical activity;
  • decreased appetite;
  • stool change;
  • the appearance of problems with fur;
  • breathing with an open mouth.

If the hamster falls asleep on the go, you need to warm it up, try to gently wake it up, eliminate the factor that provokes numbness – cold from an open window, a TV working nearby, a cat walking around the cage.

Psychologists believe that if you determine the age of the hamster in advance, it will help the person subconsciously tune in to the inevitable death of the animal in 3-4 years. However, you should not dwell on negative experiences.

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