Can Hamsters Eat Peanuts | What Expert Advice! [ With Pictures ]

When choosing to have a hamster as a pet, you need to think about many things. Problems such as what type of food you should feed, where you should keep it, or how many times a day it needs food A very important question that arises when choosing Its diet is: ” Can hamsters eat peanuts ?”

The answer is yes, peanuts are ideal for its diet and health. Why? We will tell you everything you need to know about peanuts and how to introduce this food into your pet’s diet.

The benefits of eating peanuts for hamsters

As a matter of fact, almost any type of nut (except bitter almond) is good for your hamster.

Why are walnuts so great for your hamster’s diet? Walnuts contain low saturated fat and no cholesterol, which is very good for your pet’s health. The main concern when thinking about giving nuts to your hamster is that they contain a high amount of fat, but fats come in two types: saturated and unsaturated.

We can find saturated fats in meat or cheese, the foods that are responsible for the accumulation of harmful cholesterol. But walnuts contain low saturated fat which can be good for your hamster and not harm its health.

What Kind Of Peanuts Are Good For Hamsters?

You can give your hamsters peanuts, as long as they are not salty. Small amounts of peanuts or tree nuts are always recommended. It is possible to leave their shells because it will be like a game for them to get to the inside of the fruit.

Of course, if it’s a nut that has a hard shell, you can crack it and let them do the rest. They will enjoy this activity and will have a big surprise at the end.

Sweet almonds are a great choice

If you are considering giving your hamster a new type of nuts, almonds are definitely a great choice. Sweet almonds are perfect for them because the bitter ones contain cyanide which can easily kill your hamster.

When deciding to introduce almonds into your pet’s diet, make sure they are organic. Non-organic ones can contain chemicals that harm your hamster’s health.

Warning: in each package of sweet almonds you can also find some of the bitter ones because the US Department of Agriculture allows for each package of sweet almonds to contain up to 1% bitter almonds. How do you know if it is a sweet almond or a bitter one?

Examine them before giving them to your hamster. If it’s not in perfect shape, it’s a bitter one. If you want to remove the peel, soak them in hot water for about 15 minutes and when it cools, remove the peel.

The right amount of almonds for a small hamster is half of an almond per day, but if you have a medium or large hamster, you can give one whole almond per day.

Large quantities: absolutely NOT

Like any food you give your hamster in large quantities, nuts can be dangerous too. If you give the hamster a large amount of almonds, this can kill your pet, because these nuts contain cyanide.

If you choose to give large amounts of peanuts, your hamster will be inebriated by the aflatoxins present in this fruit. Try not to give your hamster a large amount of nuts in general, as it can become deadly.

Make sure you always maintain a balance between its meals so that you have a nutritious diet that will not make the animal sick. So, the best thing to do is to give your hamsters peanuts from time to time as a treat.

Why do hamsters need fresh food?

Only offer your hamster fresh food in moderation, because in large quantities the food can harm hamsters’ health and make them sick. Try to make a change in their diet every now and then, but make sure that the food you choose to give is good for them and won’t make them feel bad. So, remember: fresh food is a great idea, but only in small quantities.

Take care of your little furry friend and make sure to check everything the pet eats before offering it to it.

Peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are great snacks for hamsters if they are given in small quantities and not very often. Also, make sure they are organic and not full of chemicals and toxins. Share your affection with your hamster by caring for it and feeding it the food your pet needs to be healthy.

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