Can Hamsters Eat Broccoli | What Expert Advice! [ Raw or Cooked ]

Broccoli is an edible green plant, belonging to the cabbage family. It has a large flowering top and is a type of vegetable consumed all over the world.

Can hamsters eat broccoli? Giving broccoli to hamsters is completely safe. However, as they say, too much of anything is bad and broccoli must be served in small quantities. It should also be noted that it would be better not to serve them more than 2 times a week.

Most hamsters would love a diet that includes broccoli, but as with everything, there are always exceptions.

A fruit and vegetable diet for your hamster

As with humans or other animals, too much variation in diet can upset hamsters. The first time you bring your little pet home, be sure to offer it the same food it was offered at the pet store for at least the first week. Over time, you can slowly and steadily introduce new foods.

Pellets, concentrated food, and seed mixes are common foods that must be included. However, it must be complemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. Broccoli, peas, carrots, turnips are all safe foods.

Make sure they are offered in small quantities and leftovers are cleaned out of the cage regularly. Including lots of fresh water in your diet is also necessary. It would be recommended to change the water every day.

Can hamsters eat broccoli?

Yes, hamsters can eat broccoli. They can eat steamed or raw broccoli. Conversely, given the texture of broccoli, they can be a nice break from the usual crunchy hamster food. To make steamed broccoli, heat it in a clean microwave and add a couple of teaspoons of water. This for about 3 minutes.

The broccoli is a good source of vitamins such as E, K, and C that hamsters can get even by eating pellets. So you should try to maintain a certain balance, as an excessive source of vitamins could lead to diarrhea and weight loss.

Things to know about broccoli

Broccoli is a type of vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family (Brassica oleracea variant italica) . It is a large flower and is usually green in color. When looked closely, it appears to have a tree structure and has thick edible stems that branch out of it. Reminiscent of cauliflower, which comes from a different grower group, but of the same species.

They possess a high number of nutrients and vitamins A, C, D and beta-carotene . Broccoli also contains folic acid, chromium, calcium, and fiber. It might come as a surprise to know that broccoli has over 33 compounds that help prevent cancer.

When cooked, they release indole, which is a cancer-fighting enzyme. They also contain several phytochemicals that have the ability to block carcinogens from forming and limit attacks on cells. Finally, they have the ability to build enzymes that destroy carcinogens.

Dangers of Feeding Hamsters with Broccoli

It is advisable not to add any seasoning to steamed broccoli, such as butter, pepper, garlic, or salt. In fact, even a small amount of butter could lead to excessive weight gain in hamsters.

On the other hand, adding salt could lead to sodium ion poisoning. Spices like pepper or anything else as long as it’s spicy could upset its stomach, while garlic is naturally toxic and should always be avoided.

Steamed broccoli should be offered in moderation. If raw, the only precaution you need to take is not to overdo the quantities and only twice a week.

What if my hamster doesn’t like broccoli?

If it likes them then that’s fine, otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about. The pellet is already enough to supply it with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Additionally, there are different types of food that broccoli could be substituted for. Since broccoli is a vitamin-rich type of vegetable, it is always a good choice, but there are plenty of other options that could provide the same benefits to your hamster.

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