White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

Decorative guinea pigs attract attention with a variety of acceptable colors. Among them, black, spotted, red, and even tortoiseshell individuals are often found. But it is the white animals that at first glance give the impression of cute, defenseless creatures and are in special demand among lovers of domestic rodents.

And since not every variety can have this unusual color, let’s figure out the breeds that can have white as their main color.

Short-haired guinea pigs

This category includes all breeds whose representatives have a fairly short fur. Usually, the length of their wool is no more than 1.20 inches.


The Agouti guinea pig is officially considered the ancestor of many modern decorative breeds. It has a very unusual ticked color, in which dark and light zones alternate on each hair.

According to the officially valid breed standard, agouti can have any of the following colors:

  • citric;
  • silver;
  • golden;
  • chocolate;
  • cream;
  • cinnamon.

Albinos are extremely rare among agouti. But according to the official standard, completely white representatives of the breed are subject to culling and cannot participate in breeding.

Interesting! Few people know that agouti is not only the name of the breed but also the name of the color. Therefore, it is not surprising that some other species can have a combined agouti white color.

English selfies

White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

These animals have a uniform, uniformly colored fur, which is characterized by a natural glossy sheen. Their smooth coat has no contrasting spots or specks. And on the ears and paws, there must be a soft light edge.

Among the completely white representatives of the breed, both individuals with dark-colored eyes and classic albinos with a colorless iris, through which red capillaries are visible, are often found.

According to the officially established standard, the self-smooth-haired guinea pig can be dyed not only completely white but also beige, black, chocolate, cream, gold, purple, red, or saffron.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

It is almost impossible to confuse a guinea pig with a representative of another breed. It is easily recognizable by the white rosette, which is located on the head of the animal. In a colored individual, it contrasts with the color of the coat and looks like a crown.

In the breed, there is a conditional division into two main types – English and American. In representatives of the first type, the shade of the rosette must match the main color. In the American Crested guinea pig, its color is in stark contrast to the rest of the coat.

The rosette of the white individual practically merges with the main background and does not look so impressive. Therefore, the guinea pig of the Crested breed with light-colored fur is not very popular with professional breeders and ordinary lovers of decorative rodents.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

Representatives of this widespread breed of guinea pigs have a special coat structure. Their wavy, hard fur grows strictly vertically and evokes down associations.

The curly hair of the animals does not adhere tightly to the body and practically does not lend itself to styling. Rex pig can be painted in any color, including white.

On a note. From birth, piglets have an unremarkable, completely smooth fur. But from the age of three months, the hair of the Rex guinea pig gradually begins to change and acquire a characteristic structure.


Satin rodents are completely covered with silky, pleasant-to-touch hair that fits snugly to the body. The colors of the guinea pigs of this species are very diverse.

Among the representatives of the satin breed, there are completely white, chocolate, black, purple, and beige individuals. The standard also allows red, gold, saffron, cream, and two-tone coat colors.

A satin guinea pig with a white coat can have dark or red eyes. But in both cases, the animal must have bodily paw pads. The shade of the ears of the pure white satin Cavey breed is pink or the same as the color of the coat.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

This beautiful American guinea pig has short, dense, and relatively rough fur. Thanks to this structure of the fur coat, the thoroughbred animal looks more like a toy teddy bear.

The luxurious fluffy coat of the American guinea pig is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the animal’s body. The fur looks slightly tousled and visually increases the size of the animal. According to the standard, many different colors are allowed for the American guinea pig, but the white teddy looks the most impressive.


Shaggy breeds have thick long fur and are in great demand among fans of fluffy decorative rodents. They were bred artificially and subjected to strict selection.

The breeds, in the standard of which the pure white color is officially fixed, include the Peruvian (Angora) and Abyssinian guinea pig, merino, sheltie, coronet, texel, and alpaca.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

This is the most interesting and most recognizable breed. The Abyssinian guinea pig has one very striking distinctive feature, which immediately distinguishes it from the background of other varieties.

There must be so-called rosettes on the Abyssinian wool. They are a kind of funnels and appeared as a result of genetic mutation.

There are about 6-10 rosettes on the body of each Abyssinian guinea pig. They are located throughout the body and are absent only on the head and abdomen of the animal. Occasionally, the Abyssinian guinea pig has so-called “double rosettes”.

Their maximum number can be up to 30 pieces. The long fur of the animal can be dyed in almost any color, including white.

On a note. The white Abyssinian guinea pig has both red and black eyes.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

Alpaca guinea pigs are covered with long curly hair, the structure of which is more like a sheep’s fleece. It grows from the tail to the head and forms a pair of rosettes on the rump and one on the crown. On the face of representatives of the alpaca breed, coarser hair grows.

The color of the animals can be almost any, including white. Occasionally, among the guinea pigs of the alpaca breed, there are two- or three-colored individuals.


The coronet guinea pig has a very long coat that falls down the sides and does not cover the muzzle. The animal has a single socket on its head.

Guinea pig coronet has a variety of colors. It can be monochromatic or combined. It is noteworthy that the white coronet is not very popular with breeders. It is believed that outwardly she loses to her brighter brothers.

Interesting! Coronet has an alternative name, which appeared thanks to the rosette on the top of the animal’s head. Unofficially, the decorative rodent of this breed is called the royal guinea pig.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

The Texel Cavey is covered with curly hair, the length of which reaches 5.8 inches. It grows from the head to the back of the body and cascades down the back.

Texel guinea pigs can be of almost any color. Even white individuals are found among the representatives of the breed.


The breed appeared as a result of crossing the Coronet and Texel. It has a rosette in the form of a crown on Its head and long wavy hair of white, gray, or other colors.

On a note. During the hot season, the thick long hair of a merino guinea pig needs a trim.


Sheltie guinea pigs are covered with long hair that does not flow down the sides, but simply falls back. Thicker hair grows on the head of the animal, due to which a kind of mane is created.

Sheltie can be of almost any color. But the white of this breed attracts less attention than its colored counterparts.


White guinea pigs: Everything you Need To Know

Peruvian pig is also called Angora. She has an aristocratic appearance and beautiful fur. There are rosettes on the nose and sacrum. The muzzle of the animal is covered with a long bang. The Peruvian pig, or angora, weighs up to 3.7 pounds and lives up to 6 years. It is painted in almost any color, including white.

Most often, Peruvian guinea pigs have silvery gray fur. Monochromatic white color is extremely rare in the breed. Therefore, these cakes are very much appreciated by breeders.

Interesting! Angora guinea pigs have become the record holders for coat length. Among the representatives of the breed, an animal with 20 inches fur was found.

The long, soft coat of angora cavies grows straight forward. It needs careful care. Peruvian guinea pigs need to be brushed and trimmed regularly. And white individuals can occasionally be washed with special rodent shampoos.


Now in the world, there are only 2 hairless breeds – Baldwin and Skinny pigs.


This small lop-eared animal has practically no hair. Its bald body is covered with velvety skin, and there is a rare mutated coat on its face and legs.

Canadian skinny skins can be dyed white, golden, silver, cinnamon, or chocolate. Often there are combined colors in the breed, including black and white.

The breed was first introduced in 1976 in Canada. Initially, all skinnies were white with red eyes.


Bald Cavey, whose body is covered with soft and very elastic skin. Its skin is warm to the touch and evokes rubber associations with tactile contact. The Baldwin guinea pig can be painted in almost any color.

The most common in the breed are flawless white, pink, black, and brown individuals. Also, bald Cavey can have tortoiseshell, Himalayan, and Dutch colors.

On a note. The Baldwin guinea pig is born with hairs on its body. After a few days, the fur coat of the animal gradually begins to fall out. And after a few months the cavey becomes completely bald.

Rare breeds

Among the varieties that have not yet become widespread, there are also white individuals.

Kui pigs

A giant rodent weighing up to 8 pounds. Kui pigs live in South America and are not considered decorative animals there. They are bred by local residents on a par with llamas and alpacas.

Cavies of this breed often have dewclaws on their feet. But polydactyly does not affect the life of the animal in any way. The Kui guinea pig can be solid white. But the representatives of the breed are also characterized by other colors.

California Guinea Pigs

This breed has not yet received official recognition. This means that there is no single standard either. California guinea pigs are covered with smooth short hair. And their fur has a color-point color. Most flawlessly white, cream, gold, saffron or red background has dark markings.

The points are located on the ears, nose and feet of the animal. And around the eyes of the Californian guinea pig there are characteristic dark “glasses”. The points are chocolate, black, beige or purple, the eyes are dark or red.

Ridgeback (Rhodesian)

These animals appeared relatively recently and are easily recognizable by the low crest located on the back. Due to this feature, ridgebacks always have an aggressive appearance. Representatives of the breed are characterized by different color options, including immaculately white.


Cavies of this breed have red eyes. Due to this feature, the animal is considered a partial albino. The body of the Himalayan guinea pig is immaculately white with black or brown markings that are localized around the eyes, on the nose, ears and legs of the animal.


Short-haired animal with curly fur and well-defined sideburns. According to the standard, curly guinea pig can have not only pure white color, but also any other solid or combined color.


A beautiful exotic animal with irregular curly fur. Luncaria guinea pig is completely covered with hair. Only the muzzle remains not overgrown. Luncaria fur can be not only perfectly white, but also in almost any other color.

Decorative cavies with a perfectly white fur coat and shiny beady eyes immediately attract attention with their fragile and delicate appearance. However, behind the external vulnerability of rodents, there is a playful and friendly disposition. Therefore, charming and cute animals are able to win even the most severe hearts and quickly turn into favorites of adults and children.

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