Can guinea pigs eat pears? Good or Harmful

Many people love pears since they are delicious and healthy fruit, but can guinea pigs eat pears? This is a question we are going to focus our attention on in this article.

Who doesn’t love guinea pigs? These cute, cute and sensitive little furballs are great pets to have. They like to spend time with their owners and vice versa.

All guinea pig owners want the best for their pets, including the basic foods in their diet. Now let’s talk about pears. Are they good for these animals? Are they rich in nutrients or can they cause harmful effects to their very small bodies?

Can guinea pigs eat pears?

The great thing about pearls is that they are healthy and can be eaten as a nutritious snack. This is why they should be present in everyone’s home. Back to the question, yes guinea pigs can eat pears.

If you have a pear tree in your garden, you are very lucky. This means that the fruits are all-natural, juicy, and filled with a tasty flavor.

If you don’t have a garden or a pear tree, try to get the most natural-looking ones possible. They are usually not that good looking and they definitely aren’t shiny. Look for the more natural ones, instead of choosing pears that look the most beautiful.

The good looking pears have most likely been grown with the use of pesticides and treated with preservatives!

However, just like in the case of apples, there are some limitations that should be considered.

Pears contain sugar and should be given moderately. In addition to this, giving the guinea pig this kind of treat every now and then is not only healthy but can also be seen as a change from the usual diet.

It’s a great way for your pet to get out of its daily diet routine and try something else. The new foods are sure to be able to catch your guinea pig’s attention.

Health benefits of pears

Test your pet before giving it pears you’ve set aside. From the moment your pet smells pears and eats them right away, it’s a sign that they enjoy this new treat. You can easily find out if your guinea pig likes their new snack.

If you notice your pet loves these fruits, there are a few things you need to know. Pears are rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for guinea pigs. guinea pigs are unable to make their own vitamin C. Thus, they will need a vitamin C supplement to maintain their immunity. We can agree that pears are useful for this purpose.

However, pears shouldn’t replace your piglet’s daily diet. Guinea pigs need higher quality hay, pellets and freshwater. A reasonable amount of fruit and vegetables complement the diet.

Disadvantages of pears

The downside of these fruits is the fact that they are very acidic. What does this mean? Basically, if your guinea pigs eat large amounts of pears, more than they normally should, they can start to have stomach problems. Diarrhea is just one of these unpleasant consequences.

Pears are also high in sugar and guinea pigs have a hard time digesting excess sugar. Pears should be offered from time to time and only as a reward. A couple of slices, once a week is enough for a guinea pig. So, make sure that the amount they take is within normal limits.

1 pear on average has about 17.4 grams of sugar.

Can your piglet eat pear zest, stem, heart or juice?

In addition to the amount of pears the guinea pig should consume, there are other things to consider as well. Can they eat the rind of a pear or can it harm their health? Can they eat the pear stem? Can they drink pear juice? Here are some questions that need answers.

First of all, you should cut the core of the pear and throw it away. Same treatment for stems, as they can suffocate your furry friend. Pear rind, on the other hand, is something they can eat. In addition, they will find it very nutritious and will chew it with a big appetite.

Pear juice is out of the question. It contains too much sugar and can lead to tummy problems. Canned pears are also an option not to be considered. They are too sweet and strong for their bellies. Not to mention that they are really hard to digest!

If you have a pear tree in your yard, it’s okay to give your pet a small branch to chew on. It will help it with its teeth!

As you can see, pears are definitely on the approved list of foods to eat. Guinea pigs can eat pears, but moderation is always the key. Proceed with caution and there should be no problem!

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