Can guinea pigs eat bread? Good or Harmful

Bread is one of the most common foods, fixed presence in every kitchen. We eat it almost every day, but can guinea pigs eat it?

This is definitely an interesting question! If you have one of these animals with you to keep you company, sooner or later it will have occurred to you to ask yourself this question!

There are different types of bread and one of the best features of this food is that it can combine really well and deliciously with other foods. For example, it is the perfect base for a sandwich, but can we also serve it to our little furballs? Let’s find out!

Guinea pigs can eat bread – Not necessarily

If you’ve just got a guinea pig, one of your first thoughts will be what to feed it. For now, you know that their diet must necessarily include hay, pellets, and vegetables. However, you may also want to consider other types of food. Even foods that we humans tend to consume regularly, such as bread.

Before you give your furry friend some bread, you should be well informed about it. Bread isn’t particularly healthy, but humans can digest it easily.

There are several things that could go wrong if you give guinea pigs bread. This is true for any food you want to introduce into your pet’s diet, not just bread.

So, can you give the guinea pigs bread? Experts say bread isn’t one of the best options for guinea pigs. It won’t kill them, but it certainly won’t do them any benefit. There is no nutritional benefit, so it’s best to keep your guinea pig away from bread.

Bread – Related Dangers

At this point, you are surely wondering why bread is not particularly suitable for guinea pigs. Here is what some owners observed after serving them some of this food:

  • If the bread is soft, it could stick into the guinea pig’s mouth with the risk of suffocation.
  • If you decide to give your pet bread, make sure it is a reward from time to time and not a habit.
  • Eating too much bread could make your pet bloated.
  • If you decide to give your hairball bread, opt for wholemeal rather than white bread. Wholemeal bread is healthier.
  • The decision is up to you. Take into account all the pros and cons. Whenever you feed your guinea pig new things, watch him closely for any discomfort or liquid stools.

Other bread products

There are also many other products that are bread-based and you may be wondering if these are viable options to consider when feeding guinea pigs. Toast, crusty bread or bread sticks – are they delicious additions to your meal, but are they good for your pet? Let’s take a closer look at this issue!

  • Toast –  What is true of bread is also true of toast. This will not bring any real benefit to your pet. Plus, it can be included in the junk food category! Not to mention that it represents a real choking hazard.
  • Bread Crusts  – They can be served to these cute little pets, but make sure they are cut into small pieces and the amount is very small. In this way, the potential choking hazards can be avoided. Offer them as a reward and they may even like them!
  • Breadsticks – Just like in the previous case, breadsticks should only be given as a reward and nothing more. They won’t bring any health benefits except changing their diet routine. So, offer them moderately.

In conclusion, we are able to state that guinea pigs can eat bread, although it is not recommended. The dangers mentioned above are now well known, but if you decide to test this hypothesis, be sure to give them small amounts of bread.

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