Best Dog Trainers & Behaviorists in Phoenix, AZ (2022) Price & Guide

If you are looking for a dog trainer in Phoenix, AZ who can help and guide you, we’ve prepared a list of the best dog trainers in Phoenix, ​​renowned professionals who apply positive techniques and have animal welfare counts.

3 Best Dog Trainers in Phoenix

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1) Fit Dog Training Phoenix

What sets Fit Dog Training apart from other dog trainers is my innate ability to connect with the dog and owner. I pride myself on having the best customer service in the market. I always return phone calls, am always on time for appointments, and truly care about the training results my clients achieve.

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2) Rob’s Dogs (Dog training)

We do obedience training for all types of dogs. Big or small. We do on-leash and off-leash training! We offer on-leash and off-leash obedience training for all types of dogs. We have adult German Shepherds and puppies available.

We have trained thousands of dogs and have figured out that not one training method will work for every single dog. That’s why these big training classes aren’t that effective. We do one on one training session here at Rob’s Dogs, LLC. Sometimes, if even one thing you are doing wrong gets overlooked, it could be a huge setback with your dog’s training.

Our time is valuable and it is discouraging not seeing results when you have been putting in the time and money to train your dog. Robert has been working with people his whole life and is a great trainer who can make it fun for you to work with you dog if one-on-one lessons is the route you’d like to take.

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3) Nate Dog Training

Nate always had a special bond with animals. He started working with dogs and horses on his uncle’s farm where he developed his understanding of animal behavior.

He started working with dogs as a volunteer at the Humane Society and noticed how many dogs needed help, and he learned that the owners needed as much help as the dogs. So he made it his mission to educate dog owners on what dogs really need to be fulfilled.

Nate is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Expert from Animal Behavior College. He brings over 15 years of experience  work dogs who have behavior issues.

He works with dog owners at their homes using his back-to-dog basics training program.  His program has provided the owners the dreams of owning a relaxed, socialized, and properly trained dog.

In addition, Nate works with rescue groups to foster their most severe cases to socialize and train them in order to be placed in forever homes.

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How Much Does Dog Training Cost in Phoneix?

On average, group dog training costs between $35 to $90 for each class, although the price is usually closer to $50. But individual classes are not the only way a dog can be trained. 

You can get private training for your dog, although those sessions typically run anywhere between $45 and $120 per hour.

Other options include dog obedience training schools, which usually charge for each week. The average cost of these is generally between $180 to $650 each week. On the other hand, boot camp kennel training is significantly more expensive and can cost anywhere between $500 to $1300 each week.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Should You Train A Dog?

Puppies are only receptive to basic commands such as “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “heel” when they are about six to seven months old. That being said, puppies also settle into problem behaviors, like barking or biting, at an early age.

Do Dog Trainers Need Certification?

 A dog trainer doesn’t need any formal education or certification. No state law mandates a trainer to obtain any form of canine education. Many dog trainers register with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, which promotes ongoing education for trainers.

Can you train a dog that is two years old?

Up until old age, they can learn commands, rules, and certain behaviors – just as they can get used to undesirable behavior patterns even as adult dogs. Education should, therefore, never stop.