Anti Bark Collar – Buying Guide and Comparison to Choose the Right One

Anti Bark Collar - Buying Guide and Comparison to Choose the Right One

Excessive barking by dogs can be a cause of stress for both the family and the animal. If you are on this page, it is because you are certainly looking for an effective training solution against the excessive barking of your dog.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to limit a dog that barks constantly is to use a bark collar. As there are several types of collars: ultrasonic, electric, and spray more or less effective depending on the dog and the situation, finding the best bark control device can be a real challenge. So we have done most of the work for you. You will discover below a clear classification of the best anti-bark collars available on the market.

Here Are The Best Anti Bark Collars For 2021

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How Does a Bark Collar Work 

To understand how collar correction can affect dog behavior and successfully stop barking, it is first necessary to understand the role of operant conditioning.

Operant conditioning is a theory of learning demonstrated by the American psychologist Edward Thorndike in 1898. This principle is often used in animal training to motivate or stop the behavior. It works by rewarding good behavior or punishing bad ones. This way of proceeding has the effect of encouraging the repetition of the actions rewarded and of dissuading the actions which are sanctioned.

We can differentiate between 2 types of rewards and 2 types of punishments in operant conditioning :

  • The positive reward – This is the best known, the animal receives a pleasant stimulus such as a treat or a caress as soon as it acts positively.
  • Negative Reward – A particular way of acting or stopping bad behavior stops the unpleasant stimulus (the muzzle or collar is removed) or does not cause the unpleasant stimulus (the animal does not reproduce the behavior). to avoid receiving the punishment).
  • Positive punishment – This is the opposite of positive reward, the animal receives a negative stimulus like an electric shock as soon as it does not act in the right way.
  • Negative punishment – A bad attitude stops a pleasant stimulus such as a lack of reward.

So you understand that the Bark Collar was designed based on the effects of operant conditioning. More precisely by employing positive punishment (barking is punished by an unpleasant correction) as well as the negative reward (the negative stimulus lasts a certain time and ceases if the dog obeys).

Anti Bark Collar - Buying Guide and Comparison to Choose the Right One

The Different Types Of Correction

There are several types of dog training collars that you can choose from depending on the size and character of your pet :

Electric / Electrostatic Bark Collar

Do not panic, this is not an instrument of torture, an anti-bark collar with electric shock is designed with respect for the animal; only to dissuade It from barking. On most of these devices, a first warning signal is emitted, and then if the dog begins to bark again soon after, the collar sends an electric shock comparable to static electricity.

Electrostatic shocks are designed to be just nasty – much like a pinch. There is no risk to the health of the dog even on the smallest breeds (when the equipment is suitable). In addition, most of these devices are adjustable, you can change the intensity or deactivate the stimulation leaving only the sound warning active.

The choice of this type of collar is to be made taking into consideration the sensitivity of the dog, the smallest breeds or the overly sensitive dogs could badly support this collar and be disturbed. In this case, it is better to choose a less stressful vibration or spray collar.

According to the general opinion of users, it is this type of correction (the most sold) that would be most effective on large dogs and difficult dogs. If the doggie is receptive to this kind of collar, It will hardly ever receive the shock, because It will stop barking at the first audible warning. You can even deactivate the electrostatic function afterward, but do not tell your dog ?.

Spray Bark Collar

When the dog barks, a spray of products is diffused towards Its nose with the scent of lemongrass or other smells that dogs do not like. This type of device can be very effective, some people complain about its effectiveness, but they work relatively well according to studies.

As they are some of the less offensive bark collars, they are used often and are more successful on small dogs.

The Vibration Collar

Rather recommended for small dogs, this time the collar acts through unpleasant vibrations. This device is more effective on small dogs because they will feel the vibrations more than large dogs. This kind of stimulus is still considered less effective because the dog quickly gets used to it and starts barking again.

Ultrasonic Devices

Dogs with highly developed hearing have the ability to hear ultrasound, a powerful sound that is rather unpleasant for them, but not for us. There is therefore this type of solution in the form of a collar or an anti-bark box that emits ultrasound until the dog stops this abusive behavior. This helps to stop prolonged barking, but not necessarily the shortest.

You should avoid using ultrasound if you have more than one dog, as they will not understand the origin of the ultrasound that is triggered by barks other than their own.

Benefits of An Anti Bark Collar

  • They are effective quickly. On our most receptive companions, the effects are very rapid, in a few days the dog understands the link between stimulation and barking. It therefore automatically assimilates that It must stop barking to no longer receive unpleasant noises and pinches.
  • Lasting deterrent effects. The dog is intelligent when you remove the collar It will understand that It can bark again, but as soon as you put it back on It will also understand that It should not bark even without the electric function.
  • Long device life. These types of training collars are sturdy, water-resistant and their batteries last a long time thanks to the deterrent effect.
  • Has a security function. If the dog does not stop barking or gets angry, almost all devices will go into safety mode and stop for 1 to 2 minutes while the animal calms down.
  • Precise triggering. On most current models, the bark collar only activates when the dog wearing it is barking. Other noise or shock and vibration normally cannot trigger it.
  • The price is very reasonable. If the collar makes it possible to stop the barking of your animal, you will have solved your problem for a reasonable cost (from 24 to 100 dollars) compared to the price that you will have to pay a professional trainer.
Anti Bark Collar - Buying Guide and Comparison to Choose the Right One

The Effectiveness of Bark Collars and Their Impact on a Dog’s Health

There is still very little sufficiently comprehensive study on the subject because of the complexity of the protocol and the limited number of dogs that can be studied. However, some tests and observations have been made on dogs as well as on other animals (cattle, rats) to study their psychological and physiological reaction to this type of correction. It’s especially the correction by shock and that by the spray which were studied.

The Effectiveness of Electric Shock Bark Collars

The researchers found a difference in the level of stress between an electric shock that is predictable and controllable by the animal versus a shock that it cannot anticipate or control.

  • The level of cortisol (stress hormone) hardly increases if the dog can anticipate the shock and control it.
  • A dog that can anticipate the correction, but cannot act to avoid it, has a slightly higher stress level than the first case.
  • Dogs that have received unpredictable and uncontrollable shocks can exhibit significant stress levels.

Most of these studies date back several years and were carried out with electrostatic shocks much stronger than the levels that are currently required in the sale of training accessories.

What to remember: These results clearly show that for the well-being of the animal, you have to pay attention to the model of bark collar that you are going to choose, in particular on 3 points.

  • We must choose a reliable device that is triggered only when a barking dog wearing it. Beware of low-end necklaces that are easily triggered upon shock or other noise. Some brands like Petsafe and SportDog have advanced sensing technology that is only triggered when the dog wearing the device barks.
  • Prefer a collar that is triggered automatically without your intervention. You should therefore avoid remote control training collars which are rather reserved for more seasoned professionals or hunters.
  • To limit stress, choose a device with a warning function (sound or vibration) before triggering the correction. This allows the dog to anticipate and have control to avoid correction.

The Effectiveness of Spray Collars

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of the spray correction, which dog owners generally find more favorable to the well-being of the dog. A study published in 2003 compared a lemongrass spray to an odorless spray. Here’s what came out:

  • Citronella spray and odorless spray were also effective in reducing barking by 59% to 77%
  • Dogs quickly get used to lemongrass spray. Barking starts to increase again after a certain period of use (approximately 2 weeks), but less than before wearing the device.
  • A spray collar is more effective than an ultrasound collar, because it acts on 3 senses (smell, hearing, and touch), compared to only 1 for the ultrasound (hearing).

Comparison Between Spray Collar and Electric Collar

A cross-over study carried out in 1996 on 9 dogs shows that the spray collar was more effective in reducing barking in 88.9% of cases against 44.4% for the shock collar. The study also shows that it was faster to teach dogs to stop barking when wearing the collar.

This study should be taken with a grain of salt, as it was not performed on many subjects and the (non-objective) observers were the owners of the dogs.

Another study from 2007 shows that the 2 types of collars are similar in reducing barking and that both do not cause any additional stress levels compared to an inactive collar.

5 Tips for Getting Started With a Bark Collar

1.Take it step by step – when you first start using the Bark Collar you should be present and see how the dog is reacting. Always take it step by step and be even more patient if your dog is fearful. Put the collar on first without turning it on so that it gets used to it. You can then only activate the beep mode if your device has this feature. Otherwise, always set it to the minimum level of correction for the first few uses.

2.Do not leave the dog alone – in any case, do not leave your dog alone for the first few days It’s going to wear the device. It should also wear it for short durations and at appropriate times. Avoid It when your dog is playing or during walks for example.

3.Adapt the settings – once your pet is familiar with their new collar, you can adapt the settings to suit their behavior. When the dog understands the connection between Its barking and the correction, you can even turn off the electrostatic mode and leave only the audible warning. In most cases, this is enough to stop excessive barking.

4.Do not make It wear the device for too long – avoid wearing the collar all the time, you should not leave your dog for more than 8 hours in a row with the collar on. Take it off when it’s calm.

5.Be patient – It may happen that your pet does not understand this mode of correction, it happens if it cannot see the connection between its behavior and the stimulus it receives. In this case, you will have to be patient and try other methods such as positive reinforcement to make It stop Its bad habits.

Best Bark Collar For Dogs

1.DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

Currently, the best bark collar that is never going to hurt your dog this contraption from DogRook. Featuring a mixture of sound and vibration corrections, there really is no need to worry about harming your dog anymore. However, it is important to always use the device together with sound training principles to help maximize the benefits that it brings.

The DogRook comes with an intelligent barking sensor chip that instantly recognizes the bark signature of your dog. This way there’s no chance of triggering the device even if other dogs will be barking or there are other sources of noise in the neighborhood. Simply put, DogRook recognizes only the voice of your hound delivering a correction depending on how sensitive you put the settings on the device.

  • Vibration and sound correction modes
  • 7 bark sensitivity levels
  • False trigger-proof smart barking detection chip
  • Heavy-duty nylon collar with reflective stitching
  • Splash-, rain-, and snow- resistant design
  • Brand: DogRook
  • Model: Dog Bark Collar
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

2.MARDOG No Bark Collar

Completely effective, yet totally humane, the next bark collar to earn a spot on our list is by Madog. Through a mixture of beeps and vibrations, the collar deters your canine companion from excessive barking. When your dog barks for too long, the collar is quickly triggered, gently buzzing and beeping to startle them and stop barking quickly. Unlike older bark collars, it won’t deliver electric shocks, so you can tackle problem behavior without hurting your pooch. Thanks to a fully adjustable strap, the collar fits dogs of all shapes and sizes with ease.

Its lightweight design is hardly noticeable for your four-legged friend – until they become noisy, that is. Fitted with an intelligent chip, the collar is only triggered by your dog’s unique bark. This ensures that it won’t be set off by neighboring pets or loud children, helping your pet to get the message loud and clear. The collar is durable, too; completely waterproof for effective use come rain or shine. Each Mardog product also includes a 60-day guarantee, so you can rest assured they stand by their product.

  • Totally humane bark collar
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes – from 11 to 150 pounds
  • Deters excessive barking with gentle vibration and beeping sounds
  • Intelligent chip is only triggered by your dog’s barking
  • Lightweight design is comfortable for dogs to wear
  • Waterproof and durable
  • 60-day guarantee included
  • Brand: Mardog
  • Model: CUC03
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

3.PetSafe Vibration Bark Control Collar

Don’t like the Gentle Spray? How about PetSafe’s Vibration Bark Control Collar instead? Designed by the same company that gave you the citronella dog collar, this dog bark control device is also very safe for pets as it only delivers sound and vibrations as forms of correction.

At its core is the Perfect Bark technology which helps to prevent false triggers, making sure that your dog will receive the correction only when it barks and not because of other noises around it. This PetSafe device could very well be a great bark collar for small dogs as the minimum weight requirement is 8 pounds. We still think it’s best to look at the neck circumference of your pet since the collar will be wrapped around the neck, which technically has little to do with the dog’s weight.

Nevertheless, this PetSafe stop dog barking collar should be a nifty device to help dissuade your dog from vocalizing excessively. You’ve got to teach it, though.

  • Sound and vibration modes
  • 10-level vibration sensitivity
  • Perfect Bark dog-specific bark recognition technology
  • For dogs with neck circumferences up to 28 inches
  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: PBC00-12789
  • Weight: 8 ounces

4.MASBRILL Small Dog Bark Collar

This bark collar for small dogs from MASBRILL is not really the smallest we’ve seen in the market. However, it does provide a more humane and definitely a lot safer way to address canine nuisance barking.

Unlike the Pet Pawsibilities, the probes on the MASBRILL are sticking out to deliver 7 levels of vibration correction. There’s also no worry about injuring dogs with these probes as the tips are rounded so they should feel comfy on the skin. The only downside is that MASBRILL uses a 6-volt 4LR44 battery, unlike other systems that can be recharged through a USB.

It doesn’t really matter since the MASBRILL is one of the least expensive stop dog barking collar systems you can ever get. It’s perfect for those who want a safe and effective way to train their dogs to temper their barking without causing a large gaping hole in the pocket.

  • Beep and vibration correction modes
  • 7 bark sensitivity levels
  • Rounded probes
  • For dogs with neck circumferences 8 to 23 inches
  • Brand: MASBRILL
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

5.eXuby Friendliest Bark Collar

The eXuby is a bark collar for small dogs that don’t use probes sticking out from the device. Instead, it has a pair of flattened discs that serves to deliver the vibration correction to the dog. The eXuby comes with a very simple, minimalist, all-black design. It is so easy to put on and can start working immediately, giving you 7 levels of sound and vibration correction.

This stop dog barking collar can be recharged using any USB port, eliminating the need for battery replacements. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information on just how long the battery lasts before requiring a recharge or how long recharging will take. Most pet owners who have used the system say that it runs quite long and charges fast. At least, you’ll get to try it risk-free for 30 days.

  • 2 modes of correction: sound and vibration
  • 7 levels of sensitivity
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • For small dog breeds
  • Brand: eXuby
  • Weight: 2.4 o
Anti Bark Collar - Buying Guide and Comparison to Choose the Right One

Bark Collars Questions / Answers

Is It Dangerous To Use An Electric Shock Collar?

From a physical point of view, there is no risk for dogs. The tingling that the dog will feel is not strictly speaking an electric shock, but an electrostatic one. The term “electric shock” is therefore not entirely appropriate to describe the effects produced by an anti-bark collar. This is because there is virtually no effect beyond a tingling or tickling sensation on the surface of the skin.

To give you an idea of ​​what the dog may feel, this is equivalent to receiving a static shock when touching an object. You can even try to safely trigger the collar on you to be convinced.

The electrostatic shock collars sold today are designed to surprise or at worst cause a very brief little pain. They cannot cause physical injury if used correctly (no burns or electric shock). On the other hand, as with any educational method, you have to be fair, patient and above all consistent with the dog for his well-being.

Their power is limited to Joule pickups according to strict guidelines.

To compare :

  • An anti-bark collar set to the maximum level emits 0.0003 joule (300 microjoules)
  • Muscle stimulation device used for fitness produces 2 joule stimulation
  • Electric fence used for the confinement of domestic animals like cows emits 5 joules per shock
  • A modern defibrillator can emit up to 360 joules

Will An Anti-Bark Collar Work On All Dogs?

For the most part yes, in any case, it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to stop barking. But there are always more difficult or unsuitable cases for which the animal will need another form of education to stop its barking. Determining the possible causes of barking can help you do this.

Sometimes the dog experiences a lot of stress because of its indoor or outdoor environment. It’s gotten into the bad habit of barking so badly to deal with it that other training methods will be needed, but there is always a solution.

The age of the animal is an important criterion for success in training a dog. Correction collars are therefore more effective on younger dogs provided they are over 6 months old. I remind you that dogs just feel discomfort and in no case should they suffer.

It is better to correct bad habits right away with safe and recognized training equipment than to waste your energy unnecessarily. This will probably save you from having to get into more difficult situations with hitting, yelling, stress, and neighborhood problems. This applies to us as well as to the dog.

For smaller breeds or puppies, there are anti-bark collars for small dogs specially designed for their weight and size with lower levels of corrections.

Will My Dog ​​Have To Wear Its Bark Collar For A Long Time?

No. Once the training is complete, you should be able to remove the collar. In most cases, the dog will develop a good habit of not barking unnecessarily or much less. It may happen that over time the bad habit takes over. In this case, you can return the collar to It when necessary.

With some dogs, showing the collar is enough for them to stop barking. You can also have your dog wear the collar without turning it on or only with the audible warning signal.

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