My Dog is Yelping in Pain When Picked up?

We know that you love and care about your dog. So if It screams in pain, your instinct tells you to help It, even if sometimes you don’t know-how. Don’t worry, it surely has a solution.

If your dog gets sick or complains when you approach to pick It up, you ask: why is my dog ​​screaming in pain, how can I help It? Sometimes it may be that you have no clue why It’s complaining. If It’s complaining it is because something is not right. We help you recognize the causes that can cause pain in your dog and the recommendations to avoid them.

Pain In Dogs

In general, we can define pain as the uncomfortable sensory and emotional experience that a living being experiences thanks to its central nervous system. It’s a defense mechanism that allows animals, including ourselves, to get away from danger.

The nervous system is made up, among other elements, of nerve endings. Some of these endings, called nociceptors, are responsible for capturing the pain and transmitting it to the central nervous system. Thanks to this, the organism is able to generate a response to this stimulus. Through this mechanism, your dog can also feel pain.

Causes Why My Dog yelps In Pain

There are several causes that can cause your dog to scream in pain when you hold it. Some of them are the following:


These are common in dogs and can be caused by bumps, falls, or fights with other dogs. It is likely that inadvertently your dog has suffered one of these episodes and has trauma or a fracture. So when you get close to pick it up it screams in pain.

If you suspect that this is what is happening to It, it would be enough to examine it carefully to find the wound or the cause of the pain. If after reviewing it thoroughly you do not find anything, do not rule out going to your trusted veterinary center.

Low back pain

This pain is located in the lower part of your dog’s back. The origin of the pain is in trauma, fracture, impingement, or wear of the vertebrae in that area. This pain, both in the bones and muscles, occurs in both old and young dogs, although in the case of the youngest it is less frequent.

Infection in the vertebrae

scientifically this infection is called discoespondylitis. It is an infection that affects the intervertebral discs of the dog, most common in middle and elderly dogs. The infection causes bone deformation accompanied by irritation and inflammation that compresses the bone marrow and causes severe pain. It is important not to confuse this infection with disc spondylosis, a degenerative and non-infectious disease.

Sciatic nerve

Your dog’s anatomy is complicated. Did you know that the sciatic nerve is the largest in your dog? It starts in the lower back, in the lumbar area, and runs down the hind legs. This nerve has probably been injured or pinched. For this reason, It will complain with every move It makes.

Degenerative osteoarthritis

in this case, we are talking about a chronic pathology that causes a progressive deterioration of the dog’s joints. This disease causes damage to the cartilage of the joints and therefore bone degeneration. It is more typical of older dogs and a very painful process. Therefore, it is quite possible for the dog to scream in pain when handled.

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