How Long Do Rottweilers Live and How to Prolong their life

The Rottweiler is not the healthiest breed. But the life expectancy of these dogs is influenced not only by poor heredity and acquired diseases. Owners often shorten this period by improper care of the dog.

Therefore, it is so important to know the peculiarities of keeping a Rottweiler, as well as the predisposition of the breed to a number of diseases.


What is the lifespan of a Rottweiler

Alas, Rottweilers do not live long at home. Usually, this period is no more than 7-8 years. But if they are provided with high-quality content, then they can live for 10-12 years.

The lifespan of Rottweilers is independent of gender. External factors influence the pet’s condition much more. Often this breed is used for protection. But Rottweilers cannot be kept on a chain or in a cramped enclosure. This can lead to weight gain and muscle wasting.

The disadvantage of outdoor content is the temperature regime. In winter, a dog can easily catch a cold, and summer is a real challenge for a Rottweiler, as it does not tolerate heat.

Important! According to statistics, the lifespan of Rottweilers in sunny regions is 5-7 years.


How to determine the age of a Rottweiler

You can find out the age of the dog by examining the dentition:

  • if there are no teeth, the dog is less than 14 days old;
  • at about 21 days of age, puppies have their fangs cut;
  • incisors appear at 30 days;
  • at 2 months, the puppy usually grows all milk teeth;
  • at about 4 months, the loss of milk hooks and the growth of indigenous ones begin;
  • at 5 months, the lateral molars change;
  • by 6 months all fickle teeth disappear;
  • by the age of 8 months, the dog usually completes a complete change of dentition;
  • at the age of 2, the dog’s lower hooks begin to wear off;
  • at 4 years of age, the upper hooks are rubbed, and the enamel on the teeth becomes dull;
  • by the age of 5, the canines become dull, the enamel begins to give off yellowness;
  • at the age of 6, the hooks become curved, the enamel turns yellow;
  • at 10 years of age, teeth wear out more, dental problems may begin in the form of plaque or tartar;
  • in dogs over 10 years of age, the condition of the teeth worsens until they fall out.


Important! The age of a Rottweiler cannot always be clearly established when examining molars. The condition of the teeth is influenced not only by nutrition but also by the quality of the content in general.

How to extend the lifespan of a Rottweiler

How Long Do Rottweilers Live and How to Prolong their life

The following factors affect the lifespan of Rottweilers:

  • genetics;
  • breed diseases;
  • physical activity;
  • climate;
  • food;
  • quality of care.

Not all of these items can be affected by the dog owner. However, it is in his power to provide the pet with proper maintenance.

Rottweiler diet

Nutrition seriously affects the health of the dog. The Rottweiler can be fed both dry food and natural food. In the first case, the owner does not have to spend time developing a diet and preparing it. But it should be borne in mind that representatives of this breed eat a lot, and high-quality food is not cheap.

When feeding naturally, it is important to give the Rottweiler protein. Their content in one serving should be at least half of the total weight. The basis of the dog’s diet can be:

  • lean meat (raw or scalded with boiling water);
  • sea ​​fish;
  • all low-fat dairy products;
  • eggs.

The rest of the diet of Rottweilers is made up of vegetables and cereals (20 and 30%, respectively). In addition, vitamins and mineral complexes should be given, but only after prior consultation with a veterinarian.

Important! Rottweilers should not be given semolina and barley.

Physical exercise

Rottweilers must be walked at least 2 times a day. They are very agile dogs that need long walks with jogging and active games. This will keep the pet in shape. This is especially true for Rottweilers, as they are prone to obesity and heart disease.

Rottweiler health

This breed has a predisposition to the following diseases:

  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • kidney and liver diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • cancer;
  • disruptions in metabolism;
  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  • skin diseases;
  • allergy;
  • gastrointestinal diseases.
How Long Do Rottweilers Live and How to Prolong their life

From some diseases (diabetes, allergies, and gastrointestinal disorders), the dog will be protected by proper nutrition. In the early diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system, periodic measurements of the pulse and the frequency of inhalation and exhalation of the dog will help.

At the first sign of malaise in an animal, it is important to immediately contact your veterinarian. The disease is easier to cure at the initial stage than when it has already started.

Vaccination and periodic treatment against external and internal parasites are important in maintaining the health of a Rottweiler. The vaccination schedule will be determined by the veterinarian. Before each stage of vaccination of the puppy, worms.

Adult dogs are given medication for worms twice a year. They also often need to be treated for fleas. Usually, this time falls in May and October – the beginning and end of the insect activity season.

Important! Medicines for ticks are given strictly according to the instructions.

Hygienic care

Taking care of Rottweilers is relatively easy. They need to be bathed as needed and combed out about 2 times a week. During these procedures, you need to examine the dog’s skin in order to detect rashes, sores, and other signs of skin diseases.

You should periodically monitor your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, and paw pads. Tea leaves are suitable for eye care, and hydrogen peroxide can be used behind the ears. To treat cracked paw pads, you may need special ointments, which are sold at veterinary pharmacies.

The dog’s teeth are cleaned with special brushes and pastes.

Causes of premature death in Rottweilers

The premature death of a dog may be related to:

With genetics

Some diseases can be inherited in Rottweilers, which significantly shortens their lifespan. Therefore, it is important to take your puppy from a reputable breeder who does genetic tests and can provide appropriate documentation. In addition, hereditary diseases can affect a dog’s character. An abnormal dog can become aggressive or difficult to train, which increases the likelihood of accidents.

With acquired diseases

It is important to take your pet for periodic veterinary examinations, as well as seek help in time at the first sign of illness.

With the climate

Rottweilers are not adapted to the heat. High temperatures provoke overheating or malfunction of the heart. Also, do not keep the dog in the cold, as it can easily catch a cold.

With care errors

For Rottweilers, proper nutrition, hygienic care, and prolonged physical activity are important. Subject to all conditions of detention, the risk of developing diseases in representatives of this breed will be significantly reduced.

How Long Do Rottweilers Live and How to Prolong their life

Elderly Rottweiler care

If the dog has become less active, is more likely to get sick, its teeth began to fall out and its coat faded, we can talk about the approaching old age. In this state, the pet needs special care:

  • it is worth reducing portions so as not to provoke obesity;
  • if teeth fall out, solid food is excluded from the diet;
  • you need to protect the dog from drafts and temperature drops;
  • physical activity should be reduced.

Unfortunately, the Rottweiler breed has a number of genetic diseases. And it is not within the power of man to change this. However, proper nutrition, proper care, and regular check-ups by your veterinarian can significantly increase your pet’s lifespan.

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