Why Should You Choose a Medium Dog Breed?

An average dog is generally rated at a height of 11 to 22 inches at the withers. You have often heard that a medium-sized dog is ideal for taking your first master steps. Small dogs are often temperamental, and large dogs require a lot of space, maintenance, and exercise. What about reality?

When choosing and adopting your dog, you wonder about the size It should be according to your tastes, your home, your Budget, and Its needs.

A Medium dog’s house

Choosing a Medium dog gives you the option of living in an apartment or a house with a small garden. Be careful, your friend should not feel suffocated by the lack of space.

If It’s too cramped, It risks multiplying stupidities despite Its education. Chewing on furniture and armchairs, biting shoes, urinating, barking. As many warning messages that your dog sends you.


The medium-sized dog will need an average amount of food that is low in fat and sugar. Of course, this varies from a breed to another and depending on athletic habits. For example, your schapendoes will not have the same needs if It walks 2 hours a day in the neighborhood by your side or if It runs 5 hours daily while you run, bike, hunt, or even if you throw It a toy.


Precisely, if you choose an average dog, it will have higher athletic needs than a smaller dog. Be aware,  that you can exercise It almost as much as a large dog. Average dogs adapt much more easily to their owner’s physical activity.

Either way, unless you have open ground your dog will need at least 3 walks a day.


A medium dog is a perfect playmate for children. It’s well proportioned so you don’t need to fear their clumsy assaults or being crushed by them. Be careful not to leave a child alone with your dog.


Choosing a dog, whatever its size, is not done lightly. Before you decide, take stock of what you can and cannot do for your dog. Take stock of how much time you can give it. Dogs of all breeds and sizes need your presence, but the bigger a dog the more they are going to want you.


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