5 Important Things To Teach Your New Dog When It Arrives Home

Training a dog takes a lot of time and patience. It must begin as soon as It arrives home.

Welcoming a dog at home, within Its family, is a great responsibility. It’s important that It acquires, by your side, a positive behavior so that the cohabitation takes place in the best conditions and that the animal is happy. To do this, you need to start teaching it as early as possible. As soon as It arrives.

Here are 5 things you need to start teaching them right off the bat :

1. Teach It basic commands

Sitting, lying down, hitchhiking, at your feet … These commands will make your life and your daily interaction easier. They are also guarantees of safety, preventing it, for example, from moving away, crossing the road, or ingesting a harmful substance.

2. Allocate It a corner of Its own

From the start, give your dog a place of Its own. This is the place where It will rest and observe what is going on around It. Choose a location that does not hamper comings and goings.

3. Instill limits

Quickly set the limits not to cross and be consistent. What is forbidden one day (sitting on the sofa, begging at the table, jumping on guests …) should not be allowed the next day.

4. Potty training

Potty training requires time and encouragement. Take It out after meals and praise It as soon as It defecates where It wants (not in a forbidden place, as in the picture). And don’t forget your little bags to pick up behind.

5. Get It used to being home alone

It’s not easy for a dog to keep Its serenity when It’s alone at home. However, you will be required to be away often and therefore to confront It with emptiness and loneliness. To get It used to it, start with short absences (2 hours, for example), taking care to leave It a bone to chew on and toys to occupy It. Then, gradually extend the times. It must come to understand that you will always be back.


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