10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Dog

If It can bring you happiness, make sure you can return the favor …
To help you, here are the main questions you need to think about and answer seriously before welcoming a dog into your home. Questions based on everyday life that will allow you to see more clearly.

1. Am I ready to commit?

Adopting a dog takes time and that throughout Its life. You will therefore have to take care of it for 10 or 15 years depending on the breed.

2. Do I have enough free time to take care of it?

After an exhausting day at work, taking time for yourself is still important. You will still need to be able to pay at least 30 minutes of attention for daily walks. Every day, during all weather, summer and winter. In addition, you will need to wash it regularly. And if It has long hairs, you’ll have to brush It almost every day.

3. Am I the only one who wants this dog?

It is not uncommon in a household to find that not everyone wants a pet. Apart from the relationship problems with those around you that it can cause, being alone with caring for a dog falls on you an even more important responsibility.

4. Do I have room to host it at my home?

It is essential that your habitat has a suitable living space for you and a new dog. The presence of a companion at home is based on the principle of shared accommodation. It can take up a lot of space and interfere with your comfort of life.

Important detail: if you are tenants, make sure that the presence of a dog is authorized in the rental agreement …

5. Is having a garden compulsory for acquiring a dog?

It is certain: owning a garden is a great advantage. But check that it is well fenced to avoid possible escape. If you do not have one, this is not prohibitive, but avoid large dogs and opt for a doggie that may be older and already used to living indoors.

Last point: if you don’t have a garden, having a park nearby is a good alternative. Your future dog should exercise regularly without always being on a leash.

6. Do I have the financial means to afford and maintain a dog?

Owning a dog is a long-term investment. Young puppies are not cheap and can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars to purchase depending on the breed. But it does not stop there. It will also be necessary to think about the veterinary expenses, the food budget, the accessories, the toys, and incidentally the expenses of a professional training.

7. Do I have means of locomotion?

You will undoubtedly have to travel with your dog. For this, it is important that you have an efficient and suitable public transport network if you live in a city. Likewise, your car must be able to accommodate it without a problem in order to avoid damage.

8. I already own an animal, will they get along?

If you are a previous pet owner, make sure they will get along with new dogs or puppies. Beforehand, you can test your animal’s behavior with one of your relatives who also owns a pet. You will thus have a lot of information on the reception conditions of the newcomer.


9. Am I allergic?

If this is your first dog, and you’ve never been with a dog, check to make sure you’re not allergic to it. It can happen, just like someone around you can. It is safer to check before committing.

10. Am I committed enough to adopt a dog??

Fairies of the house and sick of tasks, beware! Dogs don’t necessarily have a sense of tidiness and cleanliness as well as you. A detail that seems insignificant, but which can tip the scales.


These are the main questions to ask yourself before welcoming a dog. If you are convinced and you are aware of all these constraints, then go for it! Choose your breed well according to your expectations, your needs, and your constraints. You are spoiled for choice because there are hundreds of them.


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