Cat Breeds With Small Ears

If you looking for a cat with small ears but you don’t know which one to adopt? Here are 5 breeds of kittens to discove

Finding a cat with small ears isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are few breeds that have this characteristic and for this reason, they are among the most sought after.

Cats with small ears are nothing more than simple cats whose ears are proportionally smaller than the head.

In general, a rather round and plump face accentuates this peculiarity even more, making the feline even more tender and impossible not to cuddle.

Why is My Cat Licking The Wall?

Why do cats have ears?

The ears are one of the most important sensory organs for cats. The feline uses them in nature to hunt, to hear the approach of a possible enemy, or more simply to hear the noise of the pack of croquettes when you are about to fill the bowl.

For these cats in particular, however, having smaller ears than most of their peers is absolutely not a problem.

All you have to do is take care of your cat’s ears in the same way as other felines.

So if you have a soft spot for this irresistible orecchiette, here is a list of 5 cat breeds with small ears that could be for you.

Here Is a List of cats with small ears

Manx Cat

This cat is very particular as it has small ears and there are 5 different varieties based on the characteristics of the tail.

If you adopt a Manx as a kitten, it will perfectly get used to home life. It’s extremely intelligent and affectionate, so much so that It constantly seeks your presence to play and have fun.

If, on the other hand, you have a house with a garden and the cat can go out, you will quickly notice its excellent skills in hunting rodents.

American Curl

In second place in our ranking, we certainly find the American Curl. You cannot fail to recognize it since it is one of the few cats in the world with small ears, but not only.

What makes these cats unique is precisely the shape of these folded ears because, in addition to being rounded, they are also flexible and turned backward.

In addition to the ears, the character of the American Curl is also particular. It is very docile and does not struggle to socialize with all humans, however, it accepts only cats of its own breed, categorically repudiating those who have normal ears.

It’s very lively and always looking for pampering and attention. If you don’t give It any, It will show disappointment by making a lot of mischief around the house.

Munchkin cat

The Munchkin may be one of the strangest cat breeds in the world. In addition to having very small ears, it also has short legs, just like those of a dachshund or dwarf cat.

Contrary to what one might think, the Munchkin has extremely fine hearing and its short legs make it very fast, agile, light, and dynamic. It will climb anywhere and easily enter any hiding place inside the house.

It’s reputed to be particularly intelligent and very lively so it will be necessary to take care of It and entertain It all day with intelligence games and physical exercise.

Exotic Shorthair

With a muzzle very similar to the Persian cat , the Exotic Shorthair is also reputed to have small and irresistible ears.

Unlike the Scottish Fold, however, the Exotic Shorthair’s ears are set straight up.

This breed also literally loves being indoors with the family. It is among the most affectionate feline species, so much so that it suffers a lot from loneliness.

In addition to being calm and cuddly, the Exotic Shorthair is also easy to train. You could have fun with It by teaching It numerous tricks and commands.

Scottish Fold

The king of cats with small ears is the Scottish Fold . It is one of the most famous cats in the world, best known for its small and drooping ears.

Some big world stars like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have let themselves be corrupted by the sweet face of this breed and have adopted one.

Its ears, however, aren’t the only reason for Its popularity. This breed, in fact, is reputed to be extremely affectionate and friendly. It quickly socializes with anyone and is perfect for even the rowdiest children as It’s very patient and attentive.

It loves its master very much and bears loneliness with difficulty, so it is good to ponder the choice if you know that you will be away most of the day.

If you like this post, be sure to check out our Cat breeders page if you’re planning to adopt a cat with small ears.


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