How To Put a Cat To Sleep Yourself Guide

Did you know that nighttime feline activity is the bane of many cat owners? Imagine that just as you are entering REM sleep, a 10-pound kitten jumps on your chest, plays with your feet, or meows insistently for food. Does it happen to you?

Most people who suffer from this problem try to combat this behavior by feeding the cat or paying attention to try to calm it. Although this is not the right thing to do when someone is desperate for sleep they do whatever it takes to regain peace. In this article, we will explain that understanding your cat’s behavior is the first step in modifying it and getting a good night’s sleep.

The first thing to know is that cats are nocturnal by nature. Wild cats hunt at night, and domestic cats retain this “night owl” tendency. But it is also a consequence of the typical lack of daytime activity in the house while you are at work or boredom. A kitten usually spends all day sleeping and when you get home from work, Its day begins. You feed it, play, and socially interact with it. Therefore half of the night is the equivalent of half of your day.

How to train your cat to sleep at night

Locking your cat out of the bedroom at night is not a solution. If you do this it will meow for you to release it. So rule out this possibility.

The best solution is to increase your activity level during the day so that at night you are tired and want to sleep. The problem is that if you spend a large part of the day outside, you cannot control it but you can create an environment that stimulates it and increases its daytime wakefulness. Here are some tricks that you can use to achieve it.

Install a bird feeder on the windows

In this way your cat will have a live cinema for hours from the other side of the glass, It will see the little birds come to eat and this will keep It very entertained.

Adopt a partner

If you have only one cat, consider adopting a companion for it. It will decrease Its boredom and increase Its level of activity during the day. It will also direct Its nighttime need to play towards its new friend.

Increase your hours of play

Play with your cat at night before going to bed. Try a toy with a laser pointer and fishing pole toys that are very inviting to run and jump.

And in addition to increasing Its activity so that it’s tired enough to sleep at night, there are other things you can do to prevent your sleep from interrupting:

  • Place a warm and cozy cat bed in a spare room.
  • Change Its eating habits. Giving It fulfilling foods just before bed will make It sleepy and increase Its lethargy.
  • If your cat insists on eating at 4 in the morning, you can put an automatic feeder that dispenses small meals at scheduled intervals.

Do not give up

As we told you at the beginning, giving It whims and serving It is not an option if you want to sleep straight. It’s important to ignore your cat’s nocturnal behaviors. If you don’t, the cat will think that its behavior is being rewarded, which will reinforce and perpetuate this behavior.

Although cats are predisposed to be active at night, it is possible to increase the amount of time they sleep and decrease their nighttime activity.

It’s definitely worth a try: A good night’s sleep for your cat will translate into a good night’s sleep for you!

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