The Best Travel Cat Backpacks of 2022 (Review)

The Best Travel Cat Backpacks of 2021 (Review)

If you want to travel with your pet in comfort and safety, we suggest that you purchase a backpack to transport cats. They are waterproof, breathable, and padded to guarantee a comfortable trip to your feline friend; especially when you take it to the vet or to the hairdresser.

They come equipped with adjustable straps and breathable backs to guarantee comfort when carrying them. They are also ideal for transporting rabbits, dogs, ferrets, and all kinds of small pets.

Don’t waste any more time searching the internet! Here you will find the top 10 of the

best backpacks to carry cats, where you will find a detailed description of each of them, you will know which are the most recommended brands and you will know the opinions of other buyers .

Tips for choosing a good backpack to carry cats

Take into consideration the following aspects to know how to choose your carrier backpack for cats and dogs:

  • The capacity: They come in various sizes. We recommend that you consult the tables and specifications of each model to choose the most suitable for the weight and measurements of your pet.
  • Materials: Synthetic fabrics are preferable for their impermeability and easy cleaning.
  • The ergonomics: Choose backpacks that have padded, adjustable straps for your men. Make sure they have mesh and ventilation holes.
  • Safety: The internal fastening hooks are very useful for your pet’s collar.
  • Make a comparison of cat carrier backpacks. Make a list of the prices, size, and ergonomics of each backpack, so you can have an objective idea to choose the most appropriate one.
  • Consider the opinions of other users: Knowing how other buyers have fared can be an important piece of information when choosing.

How much money should I spend on a cat carrier backpack?

If you are looking for prices of backpacks to transport cats you should always keep in mind that cat bags of recognized brands may cost a little more but they are better made and tend to last much longer.

  • The cheapest cat backpacks have prices around $ 25. Try to find offers, models, and brands that may be on sale.
  • The best quality backpacks for carrying cats have prices around $ 60 or more, but they offer you better materials, are more durable and ergonomic.

Here are the 3 best cat backpacks in 2021:

Best Choice

Premium choice

Best Value

Best 10 backpacks for cats

1.Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

Made of waterproof materials, the front of the astronaut cat backpack is a clear bubble window, ideal for the cat that likes to see where it is going. In addition, there are nine large ventilation holes to let in all the fresh air.

This is a window pack for cats that is carried in the front and has a small opening on each side so you can reach your pet for a little more security. And when your trip is over, you can fold the mesh back to create a spacious and comfortable bed for a well-earned rest.

Main features

  • Front-facing cat backpack.
  • Transparent bubble window.
  • Extendable back panel.
  • Nine ventilation holes.


  • Brand: Lollimeow
  • Weight: 1.18 kg (2

2.Petsfit cat carrier backpack

With the conventional look of a day pack, but plenty of room and ventilation for your cat, the sturdy Petsfit comfort pack is worth checking out. Sized for small and medium cats up to 15 pounds, the backpack holds its shape, thanks to the quality EVA material.

And it’s lightweight too, which means it’s comfortable for cat owners to carry with them. For air circulation, there are two oversized breathable mesh side panels, as well as a top mesh inlet that opens to create a large viewing window.

And if you put a Petsfit comfort pad, your cat will soon feel at home. And when your trip with the cat is over, the Cat Hiking Backpack folds up for storage.

Main features

  • Made of durable EVA.
  • Mesh sides for ventilation.
  • The top panel opens like a window.
  • Includes an internal rope.


  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Weight: 1.63 kg (3.59 lbs

3.Henkelion Cat Backpack

We like the space-age look of this bubble backpack from Henkelion, with a fully transparent window for your cat to see out… and be seen! And this space capsule backpack is versatile, as you can carry it in front or behind.

The bubble backpack is made of durable, weather-resistant Oxford cloth, while the clear window is made of scratch-resistant ABS. Nine air holes promote air circulation and are spaced to give your cat the benefit of fresh air throughout.

And cat owners aren’t forgetting it either, as the padded shoulder straps take the weight out of carrying their feline. It may not be the best for long periods, but for shorter trips, this cat carrier space capsule is a clear favorite.

Main features

  • Oxford cloth and ABS.
  • Clear anti-scratch bubble front.
  • Nine air holes for ventilation.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort.


  • Brand: Henkelion
  • Model: Most Wished for Cat Backpacks
  • Weight: 1.46 kg (3.22 lbs)

4.Texsens Small Cats Pet Backpack

This stylish urban pet backpack will look stylish on any cat, but as a cat backpack, it also hits the mark. Made of sturdy PVC mesh on three sides, with a pet-proof plastic back, the backpack gives your cat a 180-degree view of the outside world to keep him entertained.

And with the mesh windows, it has a lot of airflows. A swing-out front door doubles as a window and the entire pet carrier is scratch resistant.

Add comfortable shoulder straps and chest buckles, breathable back mesh to keep you cool, and a safety strap inside the backpack to keep your cat safe, and you get a nice piece of pet gear for your money.

Main features

  • 180 ° view for your cat.
  • Pet-proof PVC mesh.
  • Zipper at the top for easy access.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Brand: Texans
  • Weight: 1.17 kg (2.58 lbs)

5.Halinfer Expansive Cat Backpack

A space capsule-style cat backpack, the Halinfer is a great choice, thanks to its lightweight and expandable design. You carry it as a backpack for cats in the front or in the back, with a transparent hardshell bubble so that the cat sees where it is going. For lounging time, the mesh back panel expands to create a neat and spacious cat bed.

Sized for cats up to 12 pounds, as a backpack, it has plenty of room, and a removable inner pad and built-in leash increase comfort and safety. And when it comes to keeping everything cool, it has plenty of air holes, plus two mesh side windows for healthy ventilation.

Anti-scratch and airline approved, it is a good space capsule for the little cat.

Main features

  • Anti-scratch bubble front.
  • Expandable mesh on the back.
  • Inner strap and waist strap.
  • Front or back transport.


  • Brand: halinfer
  • Weight: 1.27 kg (2.8 lbs)

6.Pet carrier backpack Pecute

This large cat backpack is like a mini pet condo in that it can be expanded up to 90% of its original size. In standard mode, you get a backpack style carrier, with enough room for cats up to 18 pounds. Made of waterproof and anti-scratch Oxford fabric, it has large mesh windows on all sides, with a large zippered top entry.

For you, it’s comfortable to wear, thanks to the shock-absorbing design, including sponge back, padded shoulder straps, and retractable chest and waist buckles. When you stop to rest or need more space for your cat, simply expand the back panel to create a portable travel bed that he can lie on.

Add side pockets and a double-sided padded mat and you’ve got a premium cat carrier for your money.

Main features

  • Made from durable Oxford fabric.
  • Expands up to 90% in size.
  • Chest and waist straps.
  • Double-sided padded carpet.


  • Brand: Pecute
  • Weight: 1.54 kg (3.4 pounds)


7.BEIKOTT cat backpack carry bag

As a bubble backpack for travelers, this airline approved cat backpack hits the mark. The front of the backpack is a hemisphere, which gives the cat a clear view of the outside world. But the tough hard cover makes them feel safe and secure.

It also has two side windows, so you can reach it to comfort your pet, while the nine large vents keep everything cool. The rest of this travel pet carrier is made from eco-friendly Oxford fabric, with padded straps for your comfort.

And we like the added touches, like the safety strap and folding bowl. Designed for cats up to 13 pounds, not for larger cats, but for smaller kittens, this is the way to travel bubble style.

Main features

  • Made of Oxford cloth.
  • Full height bubble window.
  • Approved airline.
  • Includes a free folding bowl.


  • Brand: BEIKOTT
  • Weight: 1.27 kg (2.8 lbs)

8.Lollimeow big cat backpack carrier

Lollimeow has combined the best of both worlds of pet transport, with a bubble capsule window in a traditional backpack design. The result is a backpack that, while it can only carry small cats, is durable and airline approved and would also make an ideal backpack for kittens.

The bubble window looks like a boat hatch but offers a decent view, as well as being removable and having an alternate top opening so they can safely stick their heads out.

The side mesh panels allow great ventilation and the internal safety strap connects to your strap for total security. Waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean, you also have a pair of side pockets for all those essential travel pet gifts.

Main features

  • Removable front bubble window.
  • Waterproof and anti-scratch fabric.
  • Side windows and mesh pockets.
  • Approved by airlines.


  • Brand: Lollimeow
  • Weight: 1.25 kg (2.75 lbs)

9.PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

We think PetAmi is a good option for hiking, as it is comfortable and allows your cat plenty of space and fresh air. Made from high-grade 600D polyester, the backpack has a sleek shape, and it sits well on your back.

There is an extra thick padding on the shoulder straps and buckles are added at the waist and chest for added support. Inside, your cat has a good view outside, thanks to the opening of the front window and the large mesh panels on the side.

There’s also a Sherpa-lined pad to keep It cozy and a free bowl of water. The internal structure is also reinforced so that it does not collapse while you both travel happily.

Main features

  • 600D high-grade polyester.
  • Two-way entry and zippered mesh.
  • Sherpa lined bedding.
  • Padded shoulder straps.


  • Brand: PetAmi
  • Weight: 1.63 kg (3.6 lbs

10.PETRIP Cat Carrier

Our Premium pick is this super-smart cat carrier, which combines a space capsule design with an urban backpack look. Made of high-quality Oxford mesh fabric and PU leather, it is an oversized cat backpack, with enough room for cats up to 22 pounds.

The front zipper also offers the option of adding a bubble window, while the two side mesh panels, as well as the wide ventilation holes, provide all the necessary ventilation.

The shoulder straps are nice and wide to distribute the weight and the chest strap helps keep everything safe and stable. For the money, you get a fashionable cat travel backpack that you and your cat will be happy to be seen in.

Main features

  • Oxford fabric and PU leather.
  • Interchangeable bubble window.
  • Scratch and water-resistant.
  • Approved by airlines.


  • Brand: PETRIP
  • Weight: 1.98 kg (4.36 lbs)

How to use a backpack to carry cats?

Walking with your pet using a cat carrier backpack is very simple, but here are some recommendations to help you get the most out of it.

  1. The size must be appropriate. A very narrow backpack can cause stress and affect the health of your pet.
  2. Let It adapt slowly. Do not force your cat to enter abruptly. Let it familiarize itself with the backpack. You can play with it on the open backpack and reward it with caresses or snacks.
  3. Take short walks at the beginning so that you lose your fear and understand that traveling in your bag can be enjoyable and fun.
  4. Make sure enough air and light get in. If the dog feels suffocated, lacks light, or suffers a lot of heat inside the backpack, it will not enter again.
  5. Clean it frequently, this way you will guarantee the health of your animal and it will not generate unpleasant odors.

Advantages of using a cat carrier What are its strengths?

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of using a cat carrier backpack? 

  1. It guarantees the safety of your cats since they allow you to take them wherever you want without the fear of them escaping. It will also protect you from the elements.
  2. They are comfortable. They are designed that the owner and the pet can enjoy together with all comfort.
  3. You can use it to travel since they comply with the regulations for the air transport of animals. You can also use it to take your cat to the doctor or stylist.
  4. They are washable. They are made with waterproof materials to ensure quick and effective cleaning.

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