What is the temperature of a cat?

To check your cat’s condition, it is recommended to take Its rectal temperature, which is on average101.3°F (38.5 ° C).

If a cat is lacking in appetite or has heavy breathing, it may be feverish. Sudden changes in temperature are deadly for kittens, but adult cats are more resilient thanks to their coats.


Depending on its activity and emotional state, the cat’s temperature can vary, remaining between 100.2 F (38 ° C) and 102F (39 ° C). For example, its temperature rises under stress and decreases during sleep.

The ambient temperature does not influence an adult cat. Its undercoat is thick, allowing it to maintain its ideal temperature despite the cold outside. Its coat adapts to the seasons by moulting, but an indoor cat will remain more sensitive to wind and humidity than an outdoor cat.


Get help

Even if your cat is easy going and frequently handled, the presence of a second person is necessary when using a rectal thermometer. It takes a second person to hold the feline while the first handles the thermometer. They can also take care of reassuring the animal during the operation. If you have no one to help you, taking your cat’s temperature can be difficult …

Have The Right Tool

There are three kinds of thermometers for taking a cat’s temperature. The axillary is the least reliable, but the easiest to use since it is placed under the armpit of the cat. However, movement and peeling can skew the data.

The ear thermometer is placed in the ear, at the level of the eardrum, and produces a result closer to the rectal thermometer. However, these are infrared models, and the hairs present in the ears of cats, especially long-haired, can distort the result.

The most efficient and most commonly used remains the rectal thermometer. It is best to take it with a soft mouthpiece for ease and to avoid injuring the animal.

Guide To taking a Cat’s Temperature

To use a rectal thermometer with a flexible tip, you must first coat the tip with a fatty substance such as petroleum jelly. While the first person holds the cat, the second lifts the tail, holding it by the base.

Be careful not to lift it too much, which will disturb the cat and cause a flight reaction. Place the thermometer in the rectum up to the colored ring drawn on the tip. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult the seller to know the specifics of the model.

After a few seconds, an audible signal will sound, and you can analyze the result and give your cat its kibble to comfort it.

Understanding The Result

Changes in the cat’s body temperature are normal and not alarming. Therefore, the context should always be taken into account before interpreting the results provided by the thermometer. The temperature will be low when you wake up or after prolonged exposure to the cold tiles, and high after stress or a nap in the sun.

Nevertheless, it is customary to speak of hypothermia when the temperature is below 100.2 (38 ° C), and hyperthermia, a sign of fever, when the temperature exceeds 102.4 (39.2 ° C).


The temperature of an adult cat does not vary. Even as It ages and reduces activities, Its body will stay between 100.2F (38 ° C) and 102F (39 ° C). A kitten, on the contrary, has a temperature of 95.5F (35.5C °) and should not catch a cold, as it could be fatal. If it is separated from the body heat of its mother, it is recommended to use an infrared lamp or a warm hot water bottle to keep its temperature constant.

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