Can Cats Be Gay? Is It Even possible?

Cats often play and sleep together, and they do it to each other with wonderful tenderness.

Some owners of multiple cats sometimes notice ” ambiguous sexual attitudes ” towards cats of the same sex.

This can lead to some doubts and often ask if: can cats be gay?

Knowing if a cat can be homosexual or gay is more complicated than you think and it is very difficult to answer.

To date, no research has been conducted to prove whether cats may or may not be gay.

However, some feline behaviors can be noted that can be interpreted as gay or homosexual.

Reasons Behind Such Behavior

Can Cats Be Gay

Although homosexual behavior appears to be common in the animal world (observed among 1500 species and, especially among social species of birds and some mammals), survival and reproduction are the basic instincts of an animal.

Thus, a homosexual orientation, if we can speak of cats, does not seem to be very rare.

When observing some animals, including cats, there are two things that need to be taken into consideration: one is behavioral, and the other is motivation.

All possible explanations for defining homosexuality in cats are made from a purely behavioral point of view, which is genital contact, stimulation, courtship, and affection between cats of the same sex.

However, the motivation and implication behind this behavior is still unknown.

  • Reason 1: Some male cats may mount other neutered male cats due to low testosterone levels.

The cat may simply mistake the neutered cat for a female and attempt to reproduce.

  • Reason 2: Another theory revolves around a social aspect and states that many animals need to establish their dominance over their species to protect territory or for mating, and cats are no exception.

When two male or two female cats come into contact sexually, it is all for a display of power, and not for sex, and usually occurs when another is introduced into the house or when the cat is stressed and wants to demonstrate something.

To establish a hierarchy, the stronger cat mounts the other cat.

  • Reason 3: Senior cats can sometimes mount young male kittens.

This is because male kittens produce a different smell than adult cats.

It often occurs when a new male kitten is introduced into the family, and already has an adult, healthy male cat.

  • Reason 4: Some researchers argue that two same-sex partners who raise their young together must be considered homosexual, even if they do not engage in sex.

For example, when two lionesses take care of cubs together.

  • Reason 5: Some scientists think chemicals in the environment can stimulate females to exhibit homosexual behavior, although there isn’t enough evidence to support this theory.


  • Reason 6: It occurs only in the absence of the opposite sex

It’s simply an excess of sexual activity in conditions of extreme frustration: in fact, it was possible to observe that the animals that had behaved in this way, later mated normally if they were with the right mate.

Final Thoughts

Although there are different theories and motivations around the idea that cats may or may not be gay, to date, there is no scientific evidence for cats’ different sexual orientations.

So, are there gay cats?

It is possible, but it is not scientifically confirmed

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