Can I Feed my Cat Watermelon?

Yes, but…

We often have the habit of feeding our cats meat and fish and of course croquettes or mash. Thus, many are those who do not know that we can give fruits and vegetables to cats. Indeed, we can give, for example, watermelon to our cat without exposing it to danger.

The benefits of watermelon for cats are manifold. Even if the seeds are to be eliminated, watermelon is a good food supplement for cats if the quantity supplied is optimal.

The benefits of watermelon for cats

Watermelon contributes enormously to the well-being of the cat. For starters, unlike humans, cats have a narrow digestive tract. They therefore often suffer from indigestion and upset stomach. Giving your cat watermelon fixes this problem. Indeed, this fruit facilitates digestion in animals and purges its intestinal transit. Second, watermelon is high in water and can be a good substitute for water to hydrate your cat.

In addition, this fruit protects the cat against certain infections such as gingivitis. Watermelon also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which also prevent urinary tract infections. It should also be noted that this fruit is composed of citrulline, an amino acid that protects the heart of the cat and strengthens its immune system.

How much watermelon to give your cat?

Giving watermelon to your cat is not really dangerous. On the contrary, it brings many advantages. However, we must never lose sight of the fact that the cat is a carnivore. Its diet must consist primarily of meat and fish. Failure to comply with this rule has serious consequences for the health of the cat. Watermelon should only be given to the cat as an additive. It should not supplant its main diet. The amount of watermelon to give to the cat should not exceed 15% of its total diet.

Also, it should be noted that giving watermelon to the cat becomes dangerous when you do not remove the seeds. In fact, the cat’s stomach is restricted and only digests meat and fish. The presence of seeds in the stomach can therefore be toxic to the cat. The seeds are composed of cyanogenic glycoside capable of poisoning the cat.

What fruit to give your cat as a replacement for watermelon?

Despite its many virtues, it may happen that your cat does not like to eat watermelon. In this case, you can give your cat banana, pumpkin, and melon. As for melon, its water composition makes it a good food supplement for cats. Just like watermelon during the summer, melon also brings refreshment to the skin of the animal.

Despite its acidity, melon has a sweet taste. So, although some people fear its acidity, it does not pose any danger to the cat. However, you need to watch how much the cat consumes, it should take in small amounts.


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