Can I Feed my Cat Avocado?

 No !

Are you the proud owner of a cat? It’s okay to ask yourself questions about the foods you are feeding them. Unfortunately, a cat’s body is not very open to all food options. As a result, a lot of foods can constitute a danger for It.

This is the case with avocado, which, once consumed by the cat, can have serious consequences on its health. Find out in this article why avocado is toxic to your cat and what to do in case your cat consumes it.

The dangers of avocado on your cat’s health

While avocado consumption is recommended for humans, it is not the same for animals. This fruit contains persine, an element with high toxicity for animals. The persin in avocado seriously affects your cat’s heart and lungs. It’s a fatty acid that the body of most animals, including cats, cannot metabolize. It’s therefore obvious to affirm that the consumption of avocado seriously harms the health of your feline.

However, the consequences may vary depending on the amount of avocado ingested, but also on the variety in question. The Gemala and Nabal are varieties of avocado most toxic in animals. When this fruit is eaten in large quantities, the cat can die.

However, to date, there is still no official dose from which the toxicity is more or less enhanced. The best thing to do is to simply prevent your cat from having access to any part of this fruit, be it the flesh, plant or even the stone.

What if your cat has consumed avocado?

It could be that through lack of vigilance or ignorance, you let your cat consume avocado. If so, you will notice that It will be subject to some digestive upset. It may have diarrhea, vomiting, or even refuse to eat afterward.

In the most serious cases, your cat could suffer from tachycardia, muscle weakness, or lethargy. The first thing to do when you notice this is to get urgent veterinary help.

In the event that your cat has ingested avocado, it’s preferable to consult the vet as soon as possible.

What to feed your cat?

To avoid poisoning your cat, you will need to feed it with foods suitable for its body. This is the case, for example, with rice, provided that it’s well cooked with fish such as salmon or mackerel.

We also prefer a diet composed of vegetables such as zucchini, well-cooked sweet potato, carrot, and sautéed peas. Rabbit, chicken, or beef meats are also well assimilated by the cat. As a general rule, to feed your cat well, you should favor 70% meat or fish, 10% cereals and 15% vegetables .


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