Can Cats Have Maple Syrup? Good or Harmful

Cats and maple syrup are not exactly a winning combination. For small domestic cats, it’s a real sugar bomb and we cannot possibly include it in their diet.

Large quantities of sugars cause damage to their bodies and we risk that they will get ill and develop even serious pathologies.

So no, we can’t feed our cats maple syrup, on the contrary let’s make sure that we always make It eat foods that are suitable for It where it will get all the needed nutrients.

Why cats can’t eat maple syrup

An excellent ingredient for preparing breakfast, putting it on pancakes or waffles perhaps with the addition of jam or chocolate. All fantastic, except that it is very sweet, rich in sugar and calories and therefore we cannot consume It excessively. Like all desserts, maple syrup is not good for cats.

For cats sweets represent danger.  Feeding your cat maple syrup can put your cat’s health at risk due to the high content of sugars and calories which, in addition to making It fat, can cause the onset of disorders and even serious diseases.

The body of cats is not made to digest foods rich in carbohydrates because they are purely carnivorous animals so they have to eat their designated food.

Meals must be mainly meat-based and all snacks, treats, and extras must be tailored for them.

Fortunately, cats have genetics on their side. Evolution has led them to adapt in such a way as to preserve themselves from the danger of ingesting sweets. cats are not able to perceive sweets flavors that we humans like so much, which makes them not get attracted to sweet tastes.

The dangers of consuming sugar for Cats

Cats should not digest maple syrup and in general, all foods that contain minimal or large amounts of sugar. A small piece for a greedy cat does not represent a danger if it’s healthy and has no particular pathologies. But in general, it should never become a habit to give It sweet treats from our plate.

The diet of our little cats must be based on meat (therefore proteins) and enriched with fruit and vegetables, but only those that they can eat and are good for them.

For the rest, carbohydrates should not be the main source of energy and meals can only contain a very small part of it. Prolonged consumption of sugars puts cats at risk of suffering very serious damage.

Your cat can develop diabetes or pancreatitis, but also become obese due to too many calories ingested. It’s important that cats maintain their ideal weight and we must not gorge them without criteria.

Gaining excessive fat is not only negative for a purely aesthetic factor but from a health point of view.

Can honey be an alternative to maple syrup?

We have seen that cats cannot eat foods that are too high in sugar, so the consumption of maple syrup is to be ruled out of the picture. The same reasoning generally applies to all sweet foods that can put their health at risk.

But can honey, for example, be an alternative to maple syrup for cats ?

We can open a thousand debates regarding honey because it is still a sugary food and we cannot give it to the cat all the time. But if we really want to provide it with a sweet snack, we can use honey as a natural substance with excellent beneficial properties.

Honey is also very caloric, rich in sugar, and therefore should be used with caution and sparingly. Like all sugary foods, it should be avoided in the meals of cats suffering from diabetes or for obese cats who risk further gaining weight.

In short, even honey can harm a cat if it consumes excessive quantities of it, especially if it already has poor health conditions but also if it’s a very sedentary animal that practically never moves. Honey is an energizing food but at the same time, it should be used moderately.

On the other hand, honey unlike maple syrup has many benefits for the health of cats. First of all, it contains a high number of vitamins essential for the health of the cat, which contributes to some of the primary functions of its body.

Honey also has antioxidant properties and is useful against stomach pain and even to treat wounds and burns of the skin. Honey is not a harmful food for cats and is definitely not on the list of foods that poison them and they avoid consuming.

But it all depends on how cats consume it. If used in the right way, honey will not be harmful.

As always, for any doubts, you should always consult with your trusted veterinarian, the only one able to tell us if a food is suitable or not for our cat’s diet.

Good nutrition is the foundation of a cat’s health so it is important to make sure it’s well balanced, healthy and that it provides it with all the nutrients it needs.

This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case It any kind of discomfort or discomfort.


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