My canary is not singing: Why and what to do

My canary is not singing

Listening to the canary’s song every day is food for the soul and a sign that our bird is healthy and happy. In addition to its spectacular plumage, singing is part of the fascination that canaries exert. When your canary no longer sings with the same frequency or just stops singing, it’s good to investigate the causes.

Canaries can stop singing for many different reasons. Furthermore, it’s a situation that can be resolved as long as we deal with it in time. We have studied the causes and solutions and we present them to you in this article so that you know how to act.

Why the canary no longer sings – 6 Causes

In many cases, canaries stop singing for no apparent reason. Even if it represents a peculiarity of theirs, it can happen that, as human beings change in taste and interests, canaries also change and lose the desire to sing. Since they do not speak, we will hardly be able to know for sure what the reason for this phenomenon is.

It’s important to understand the reasons for their silence and explore various possibilities to see if they return to singing. Here are some causes of mutism :

  1.  female canary: 95% of female canaries do not sing, and if they do, their singing is not as harmonious and in tune as that of males. It seems simple to understand the sex of a canary but instead, it is rather complicated to identify it and confusions can arise when buying
  2. Canaries can be sad too. There can be many reasons that can depress them. The change of cage or a too-small space with little or too much light can generate mood changes.
  3. It’s a small canary, and It has yet to learn to sing.
  4. It’s changing Its feathers. This is a process that all birds go through and it can be stressful because they spend a lot of energy on it. In these cases, the canary can stop singing for a few months, those ranging from summer to autumn.
  5. A very common reason is poor quality nutrition.
  6. If It has already changed Its feathers but has symptoms such as: poor appetite or on the contrary It eats too much, always lies down on the floor of the cage, and is swollen, it’s very likely that the canary is sick.

What to do – Diet and treatment

Most birds eat seeds, but canaries need other foods besides seeds to be healthy and happy. If they are fed only a cheap seed mixture, the diet with richer and more varied seeds can be implemented.

Give their diet a boost and supplement the diet with fruits and vegetables (apples, oranges, bananas); they like broccoli and Turkish wheat a lot. The additional foods don’t have to be offered daily, but you can give them two or three times a week instead.

Keep an eye on Its nail growth which is very rapid. Long nails can make it difficult for It to support Its paws.

A beautiful and bright house

My canary is not singing

A key factor in the health and energy of the canary is the state of its cage and its location. If the cage is spacious enough, the bird will be better off and not feel restricted. Always keep it clean and with fresh water available. About the location, the canary’s house must be in a bright and clear place with natural light.

To keep their biological clock stable, you will have to offer the animal adequate hours of light, in fact, even canaries obviously sleep and need moments of absence of light. Cover the cage with a blanket or sheet before bed and remove it early in the morning.

Still nothing

If your canary has not yet learned to sing, is not a female, and does not suffer from any disease … maybe you need to teach it! Take a look at our articles:

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This article is purely informative, at Shelterapet we do not have the right to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to take your pet to the vet in case he has any kind of discomfort or discomfort.

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