Best 5 Birds For Apartment Living

If there is one thing that different types of birds are known for besides flight, it is the sounds of their calls and songs. Although a bird’s call may be music to its owner’s ears, not everyone will find it as pleasant – and this can spell trouble for bird owners living in apartments or condos.

If you live close to your neighbors, a calmer species of bird that does well in small spaces is for you.

Having a smaller bird does not mean that the care can be diminished. These birds deserve the same respect, the same care schemes, and the same consideration as their older cousins. These are wonderful birds that need your time, attention, and cleaning just like the big ones.

Parakeets (Budgies)

Parakeet of Queen Alexandra

Small and silent. These little birds do well in cozier spaces and are not loud enough to disturb most people. The trick to this is to find an enclosure or cage that is longer than it is tall to give your parakeet room to jump and fly. The round cages are not a good choice, as well as the cylindrical cages that are simply inadequate.


Best Birds to Live in an Apartment

If you have room for a larger cage, a cockatoo may be the bird for you. They can take up a bit more space than some smaller species. But their calls and screeches rarely reach levels that neighbors may find annoying. Cockatoos are wonderful little birds with lower voices than many of the larger sea turtles.

They have a lot of personality and their ability to learn to whistle along with music is incredible. This is one of the most popular birds available. They easily adapt to most housing situations and do well with other birds.

 Canary Islands finch

Best Birds to Live in an Apartment

The small size of these birds makes them ideal companions for apartment dwellers. They are more vocal than many species. Their tiny voices go virtually unnoticed by those who are not trying to hear them.

Make sure you invest in a good vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum. They may be small but they can make a big mess. Seeds, vegetable chunks, and granules tend to scatter when these birds are in your home. They are a lovely option as long as you know that these are generally species that cannot be handled.

 Small Parrots

Best Birds to Live in an Apartment

Although they are parrots in every sense of the word, small parrots lack the ability to scream and screech like most other birds. Their soft chatters and squeaks aren’t enough to annoy even the pickiest of neighbors.

They are a species alive and Acrobatic that can learn to speak. Active and playful, their size betrays them, as they have a big heart and a great personality. They can play, swing, jump, and move all day with the energy of a young child.

But once again, don’t let its small size fool you. This is a big bird in a small package, as it can get aggressive when pushed. These birds are the best companions if they are single. This makes them ideal for apartment or condo living.

Although they are fairly new to the list of common birds available, they have moved on to become a highly regarded pet.

Blue-Headed Parrot

Best Birds to Live in an Apartment

If you really want a bigger bird, members of the Pionus family are known for their calm nature. Research several different species of Pionus to determine which one best fits your lifestyle and living situation.

They are considered a species quieter. It’s a confident little bird that just doesn’t feel the need to constantly vocalize. One of the most striking pioneer species is the Tan -winged Piona. They are simply magnificent and their color will simply amaze you.

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