Do fish vomit? A curiosity to be discovered

You have probably noticed something strange in your little fish and you wondered “do fish vomit?”

A fish like any other animal can get sick. To understand this, it’s necessary to carefully observe the aquatic animal both physically and in character.

Sometimes it’s possible to notice, among other behaviors, a fish not eating or hunting out what it has eaten and one wonders if it’s probably vomiting. Let’s see together if fish can vomit.

Can fish throw up?

Like any other animal, fish also vomit. However, unlike dogs, they rarely vomit.

Furthermore, a fish can vomit in 2 different ways, it can vomit whole food or already digested food. Depending on the way the fish vomits, the reasons why the fish have this symptom are different.

 fish vomiting whole food

When a fish vomits up the whole food and then eats it back, it’s most likely just trying to digest the food or has taken too much food in its mouth.

If, on the other hand, the fish vomits up the pieces of food and does not eat them back, it means that it’s stressed. In this case, it’s also possible to notice other signs such as:

  • The fish is hiding
  • The fish gets into a corner and doesn’t move

 fish vomiting already digested food

In the event that your aquatic animal vomits undigested food, it could probably be stressed or have an illness.

This symptom can also occur if the fish has Hexamitiasis, a serious disease. In this case, our aquatic friend will also show other symptoms.

Do fish vomit

What to do if your fish vomits?

Depending on how and why the fish vomits, the solution to the “problem” changes.

If the fish vomits up the whole food and eats it back you could either cut the food into small pieces, in case the problem is the size of the food or the fish may not be a fan of the food brand, changing the brand might help.

In case the cause is stress, it’s necessary to remove the factor that stresses the fish, which can be a new element in the aquarium or a new aquatic friend.

Finally, if you think that the cause is linked to a pathogen, it’s necessary to perform regular cleaning of the aquarium and contact your veterinarian.

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