Can Turtles And Fish Live in The Same Tank?

Would you like to enrich your aquarium with water turtles? Or, on the contrary, do you raise your turtles in an aqua terrarium and would like to recreate a natural environment instead with some goldfish?

The answer is yes

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify some doubts and study the steps to be taken. Ask your trusted dealer for advice and read these tips!

The size and structure of the aquarium

turtles not only need water to swim but also need shore, where they can relax and stay dry. This is why an aquarium for fish and turtles must have large spaces and diversified environments: low water, high water, emerged part.

One of the greatest merits of such diversified environments is that, unlike classic aquatic terrariums, turtles find here a greater depth to swim freely. For goldfish, on the other hand, the presence of thick vegetation in which to hide and feel safe, if necessary and fundamental.

Attention: the filters of this structure must be solid and well functioning. The two species together produce a lot of waste and the cleanliness of the water is essential for their well-being.

The size and choice of animals

Turtles tend to grow with time: make sure that the size of the aquarium is large enough to accommodate both specimens. It’s better not to combine your turtle with too small fish, they could be mistaken as food.

Make sure to study each specimen’s environment to allow everyone to live and swim freely.

You also need to check the water’s temperature: it must be suitable for both species! If you follow these guidelines, you can easily opt for both a mix of turtles and fish and composition in your home aquarium that sees them together.

Do turtles eat fish? 

Another fundamental element is to carefully observe the beginning of coexistence: in the meantime, it is good to check that the turtles are never hungry: if well-fed and satisfied by their food, they will hardly try to attack the other fish in the aquarium.

Fish often swim curiously around the turtles as soon as they arrive in the aquarium, but, after a few days, the two species tend to ignore each other and spend their days in absolute tranquility. If, on the other hand, you notice the opposite, it is good to run for cover and find new diversified beaches in which to host the small pets.

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