Best Fish Names

Names For Fish

It is not surprising that there are many people who are fascinated by fish, since some species, although small, provide extraordinary color and mesmerizing movements when they swimming through the water.

If you want to increase the population of your aquarium, you are surely thinking about how to baptize the new inhabitants, and in this article, we want to help you with a wide selection of names for fish.

What’s the most suitable name for a fish?

Did you know that fish can hear? Hence, any sudden noise causes a rapid flight through the water, although obviously, they do not have an outer ear they do have structures that form what could be called the inner ear and that allow them to capture the sounds around them.

However, this does not mean that a fish can recognize its name, but even so, it’s practically essential to call any animal that enters our home in a certain way, and if the fish lives with others, the name also helps us to identify it.

But what is the best name? The truth is that this is a very personal choice, for example, if you are looking for names for guppy fish you can take into account that this species is native to South America, so you can give it a name related to this vast territory.

Names For Fish

If the fish that you have incorporated into your aquarium has a ferocious appearance, you can look for inspiration in the names of marine fish, on the other hand, if you simply want to be original, perhaps the best idea is to let your imagination fly so that various names of rare fish arise.

Another resource to find the best name for your little fish is to take into account the habitat where it lives, in this way you can brainstorm with the aim of finding names for freshwater fish and you can link these names to the type of water that the fish needs, for example, “Sugar”, “Sweet” or “Honey”.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for names for cold-water fish, the following options may be more suitable: “Polar”, “Ice”, “Cold” or “Frozen”, among others.

These are just some examples of how you can find the best name for your fish, but below we are going to offer you a great multitude of ideas, we hope that among them you will find the answer you needed.

Names for female fish

Have you chosen to incorporate a female fish into your aquarium or fish tank? In this case, you must place all your trust in the place where you have acquired your fish since determining its sex before it has reached 1 year of age is a challenge.

A very difficult aspect to observe but that can help you determine the sex is the hole that the fish have, which at the same time serves as an excretory duct and as a reproductive system, in the case of females this hole is further out.

Names For Fish

Here are a great multitude of options, we hope that you like one of them.

 Aisha  Akilah  Ameli
Zuzuki  Amy  Andromeda
 Asha  Zuki  Aura
 Ayka  Beily  Beysy
 Bindy  Blair  Bolly
 Bonnie  Brigit  Breeze
 Brita  Buffy  Buggie
 Cece  Celestina  Chiry
 Ciara  Chloe  Coffe
 Daira  Delia  Deva
 Duchess  Elite  Elma
 Eluney  Fani  Fifi
 Freyja  Gale  Cookie
 Gara  Giulia  Gummy
 Greta  Cherry  Gusi
 Hachie  Heidy  Iliana
 India  Indira  Jana
 Janice Janin  Java
 Julie  Kaki  Kalinda
 Katy  Keithy  Kennia
 Kin  Lambie  Crazy
 Luli  Marcia  Margot
 Marquise  Maya  jellyfish
 Merida  Mevis  Milka
 Mily  Look  Moira
 Mulan  Neliam  Nelly
 Nika  Niki Zura
 Numa  Ñama  Odette
 Pandora  Paola  Patty
 I missed  Pearl  Perry
 Phoebe  Querana  Queen
 Rhomi  Rilia  Sacha
 Sansa  Shadow  Shakira
 Shandy  Shea  Sheina
 Shioban  Sindel  Sisuca
 Sora  Straiki  Summer
 Sunya  Sweety  Vera
 Vesta  Veva  Vilma
 Xena  Yani  Yara
 Yiyi  Zara  Zuka

Names for male fish

Looking for a name for your male fish? Male fish have some characteristics that differentiate them from female fish, however, it’s difficult to see them with the naked eye.

Perhaps the most noticeable and differential behavior of a male fish is the courtship that it performs prior to reproduction, this courtship can last for days and the male fish chases the female fish and it is possible to observe how it hits its head against the abdomen of Its partner.

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However, as we have already mentioned, it’s difficult to notice these differences before one year of age.

Here are a great multitude of options, we hope that you like one of them.

 Air  Alain  Alan
 Albo  Aldo  Alf
 Alí  Andy  Angus
 Anouk  Anselmo  Anton
 Anubis  Aztec  Babou
 Bacchus  Badi  Balin
 Baloo  Balto  Bambino
 Bamboo  Bandit  Beards
 Bart  Bartolo  Fuller
 Baxter  Bayron  Beatle
 Bebeto  Beckam  Beethoven
 Bender  Benedict  Benji
 Benny  Barnabas  Berú
 Bug  Bigfoot  Mustache
 Bimbo  Biscuit  sponge cake
 Blade  Blah  Blinky
 Bob  Bobby  Bolus
 Chocolate  Bond  Bongo drum
 Bonifacio  Borat  Boris
 Bosco  Boss  Braco
 Brad  Brandon  Brandy
 Brown  Bruce  Sorcerer
 Bruno  Cachi  Chub
 Cain  Camilo  Canito
 Canute  Cap  Captain
 Capone  Whim  Carlo
 Cash  Casper  Chacho
 Shaman  Chambi  Chapi
 Charly  Chaskas  Flat
 Kid  Chester  Boy
 Chien  Chinese  Chip
 Chiqui  Chiri  Fluke
 Spark  Sparkling  Chivas
 Choco  Chocolate  Chocotron
 Cholo  Poplar  Mutt
 Chuflay  Chufo  Chuck
 Chucki  Cool  Churchill
 Churri  Chusko  Cisco
 Claus  Sky  Cletus
 Clint  Clip  Clodovaldo
 Coconut  Cody  Colombo
 Conan  Cookie  Cooper
 Copito  Coke  Corey
 Corki  Cosco  Preserve
 Coty  Crazy  Cuqui
 Cuzco  Dakar  Dali
 Dalton  Dandy  Danger
 Danke  Danko  Darth
 Darwin  Date  Davor
 Decker  Deco  Denis
 Denver  Devil  Dick
 Didi  Dingo  Dinki
 Dino  Eddy  Elmer
 Enrico  Etó  Etu
 Euro  Frank  Fredy
 Freud  Geek  Friski
 Frodo  Froilan  Fire
 Full  Furer  Gaspar
 Gasparin  Gaudi  Georges
 Georgio  German  Ginkgo
 Gino  Godoy  Godzilla
 Godofy  Gordi  Chubby
 Gordon  Gorky  Shock
 Gringo  Gucci  Happy
 Harold  Harry  Harvey
 Hay  Hercules  Hulk
 Ispi  Ítalo  Javo
 Jazz  Johan  John
 Jordan  Kaiphas  Kaisser
 Kaka  Kalifa  Kaliman
 Kheops  Killer  Kilo
 Kilombo  Kimbo  King
 King kong  Kino  Kirk
 Kiubo  Kody  Landau
 Larry  To be  Laius
 Lennon  Lenox  Leo
 Lion  Little  Wolf
 Lobuno  Lolo  Longo
 Lord  Lot  Lotus
 Lotus  Fought  Malek
 Malik  Mambo  Spots
 Spot  Manolin  Manolo
 Tablecloth  Marquis  Matthew
 Max  Maximum  dumb
 Melo  Marline  Murdock
 Mus  Exit  Mutus
 Neon  Nerve  Ness
 Snowy  Newman  Newton
 Noah  Norton  Obelix
 Oddie  Odin  Oliver
 One  Little ears  Bear
 Oto  Oxford  Pepon
 Pepone  Rascal  Pilot
 Table tennis  Pinki  I paint
 Pipo  Pipón  Pirate
 Pisco  Snack  Pushkin
 Puskas  Quantum  Rabito
 Raico  Raiser  Rambo
 Roque  Rosendo  Ross
 Selim  Sharik  Shimarik
 I suffered  Sultan  Tank
 Texmex  Thomas  Clover
 Trick  Ubaldo  Ultra
 Van Damme  Willow  Zapotec
 Czar  Claws  Zen

Names for betta fish

The betta fish is also known as the Siamese fighter due to its character, aggressive on various occasions, but despite this, it’s one of the most popular species since it surprises for the great color it has and for the structure of its tail.

Nowadays and thanks to selective breeding it’s possible to find betta fish of many colors and with a length of almost 3 inches.

Names For Fish

It’s an omnivorous fish although it prefers a carnivorous diet that includes mosquito larvae, zooplankton, and other insects.

If you are looking for names for betta fish, then here are some examples that we hope you will like.

 Ace  Akira  Anyi
 Aqua  Rainbow  Ares
 Ariel  Atticus  Baby
 Betsy  Bravo  Champion
 Kite  Dallas  Dino
 Diva  Draco  Duke
 Elena  Elf  Elsa
 Spartacus  little Star  Fantasy
 Fernando  Wild  Fighter
 Flourish  Gandalf  Ghost
 Gladiator  Hydra  Iris
 Isis  Jaguar  Jefri
 Jelly Belly  Jumper  Kronos
 Lili  Lula  Moon
 Lunita  Mako  Malachite
 Marble  Marine  Majestic
 Snow  Nymph  Nippi
 Olea  Orchid  Pepper
 Piki  Pokemon  Popi
 Poseidon  Princess  Punk
 Ralf  Rex  King
 River  Rocco  Salt
 Samurai  Sara  Siam
 Little mermaid  Shadow  Little shadow
 Spike  Star  Dream
 Sushi  Thaddeus  Tangacho
 Tango  Teo  Tesla
 Thai  Tiger  Trident
 Turbo  Venus  Live
 Wasabi  Wason  Zeus

Names for Japanese fish

Japanese fish are also known as Koi fish or Gold Fish, they require various care as they present various peculiarities, which also give them extraordinary and very exotic beauty.

They stand out because they are capable of reaching a large size, therefore it will also be necessary for them to be in an aquarium or fish tank of adequate dimensions, and to maintain their health in optimum condition, food must also be taken care of through specialized commercial preparations or natural food.

Names For Fish

If you are looking for names for Japanese fish, then here’s a good selection of names in this language.

 Aika  Aiko  Aimi
 Akane  Amaterasu  Akira
 Amaya  Akihiko  Aoi
 Azumi  Chie  Choko
 Chou  Daiki  Eiko
 Fuki  Gin  Gina
 Hana  Hanako  Haru
 Hany  Haruko  Hikare
 Hime  Hisa  Hayato
 Hachiro  Haru  Hiroshi
 Himeko  Hitomi  Hoshi
 Hotaru  Ichigo  Ichiru
 Izumi  Junko  Kazuyo
 Katsumi  Keiko  Kimiko
 Koume  Kei  Kenji
 Kiku  Kin  Kisho
 Kichiro  Kazuki  Kotaru
 Kuro  Kuma  MouKou
 Maron  Minako  Mitsuko
 Miruku  Momoko  Orochi
 Puchi  Shiro  Soun
 Sora  Rune  Saki
 Sakura  Sasuke  Shizuka
 Sora  Sumiko  Suzi
 Tanpopo  Teruko  Takara
 Tamiko  Takeshi  Takao
 Teruo  Toshi  Tomoko
 Tsukimaru  Yoko  Yuki
 Yoichi  Yoshiro  Yuji
 Yukiko  Yuu

Names for goldfish

If you are looking for names for bluefish, names for orange fish, or in general you need ideas about how to call a very colorful fish, below you will find a selection of names closely linked to the different terms that we can use to refer to a color or set of colors.

Names For Fish
 Water  Blueberry  Star
 Azure  Azurro  Baby blue
 Blue Beard  Red beard  Vermilion
 Hola  Bleu  Blue
 Crimson  Light blue  Cherry
 Cyan  Sky  Cobalt
 Coral  Scarlet  Flame
 Strawberry  Fuchsia  Fire
 Ginger  Ice  Indigo
 Infrared  Call  Sea
 Marine  Marine  Naranjito
 Ocean  Orange  Red face
 rose Rosy  Ruby
 Sun  Tomatito  Sapphire


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